How HR Professionals Use Social Media

By Cori Wamsley | | Human Resources, Social Media

As an HR professional, do you ever peruse a resume and wonder how you could learn more about that person? Social media sites can be an excellent source for HR to acquire more information about their potential hires or current employees. They help turn a pristine resume into a three-dimensional… Read More »

Help! The evidence I need is gone!

By JoEllen Marsh | | General

“Can you do anything to recover deleted posts? Everything is gone!” Our office gets a call like this every few days. Unfortunately for the hopeful PI or paralegal on the other end of the line, there usually isn’t much we can do after content is taken down. Although it depends… Read More »

New Export Bundling & Pricing

By JoEllen Marsh | | General

With continued development of our popular Export product, we have been able to lower the price for our customers. We have cut the price for exports in half, from $100 to $50. This is the price for all standard Exports of social media profiles, blogs, small business websites and other… Read More »

Facebook Search is Back

By JoEllen Marsh | | OSINT, Social Media, SOSINT

A new site called Search is Back is now offering an easy-to-use interface for conducting complex searches on Facebook. Facebook’s Graph Search, which was released in 2013, requires you to use complicated phrases to narrow down your search results (such as “People named John Smith who live in New York… Read More »

Export Now: Why It Can Hurt Your Case to Wait

By Kevin Burant | | Export

Do you have a social media account or webpage content that is critical to your case? If you wait even a day to preserve it, you may lose access to it forever. The online and social media worlds are very unpredictable, and content is constantly getting deleted. Don’t be unprepared and… Read More »

Social Media Monitoring Solution

By JoEllen Marsh | | General, Social Media, SOSINT

New Monitoring Options Available Many of SMI’s customers need to be able to monitor their subjects’ online activity on an ongoing basis. To help with this need, SMI has developed a new solution for tracking your subjects that lets you order multiple analyst reports or exports on the same subject at a… Read More »

SMI API Now Available

By Chris Randall | | General

Our new API is now available! Integrate SMI’s Social Reporting capabilities into your organization’s systems with our RESTful API. The SMI API provides the ability to enter analyst-supported orders into SMI’s system and is also capable of returning finished reports automatically upon completion.

Exports: When to Save Social Media Profiles

By JoEllen Marsh | | Export

Export Use Cases Want to know when to preserve content from the internet? Check out the Export™ Use Cases below to learn how saving offline versions of web pages can be critical to your investigations. 1. Preserve Evidence Capturing public social media evidence before it’s taken down or made private… Read More »

Exports: Preserve Social Media Evidence

By JoEllen Marsh | | Export, General, OSINT, Social Media, SOSINT

Export Social Media Evidence Social Media Information (SMI) is proud to officially release its improved Export product! With Exports, SMI preserves social media profiles and other websites as searchable, offline PDFs that can be stored with the rest of your case files. Enormous amounts of social media content can be added in… Read More »