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Joshua Janow

SMI Aware Announces New CEO, Joshua Janow

17 October 2023
For immediate release:

After over a decade of leadership as SMI Aware’s CEO, the company’s founder Chris Randall has appointed his successor Joshua Janow as the new chief executive officer. Josh brings over two decades of experience in executive leadership, general counsel, and big law practice to SMI Aware. Josh has a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, business growth and development, a focus on the customer experience, and team building.

“Josh has a deep understanding of the intersection between business and law which will help SMI Aware to better serve our clients,” remarked Chris Randall, SMI Aware Founder. “His vision aligns fully with our goals, and we are eager to see Josh take SMI Aware to the next level.”

Upon his appointment, Josh stated, “Legal professionals have long known that while the law tells us what we can do, facts tell us what we must do. Through our specialized social media reports, we’re not just providing data, but a strategic advantage in discovery, due diligence and compliance. I’m eager to lead the exceptional team at SMI Aware and continue to be a valued service partner to legal teams across industries.”

About SMI Aware

SMI Aware helps law firms and legal teams leverage social media information and open-source discovery for integration into a larger legal strategy. Using proprietary technology and expert analysts, SMI Aware comprehensively collects and preserves information from over 500 social media platforms and generates reports with actionable insights all in compliance with rules of evidence and your organization’s social media policies.

Contact Information

For inquiries or questions, please contact Rachel Lowery, Marketing Lead at or 888.299.9921.

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Joshua Janow

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