Facebook Search Returns

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Facebook Search Returns - Facebook word mark and search bar.

A new site called Search is Back is now offering an easy-to-use interface for conducting complex searches on Facebook. Facebook’s Graph Search, which was released in 2013, requires you to use complicated phrases to narrow down your search results (such as “People named John Smith who live in New York City” or “People who went to Harvard who like strawberries”). Many users find … Read More

Export Now: Why It Can Hurt Your Case to Wait

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Do you have a social media account or webpage content that is critical to your case? If you wait even a day to preserve it, you may lose access to it forever. The online and social media worlds are very unpredictable, and content is constantly getting deleted. Don’t be unprepared and lose critical information that could make or break your … Read More

Social Media Monitoring Solution

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New Monitoring Options Available Many of SMI’s customers need to be able to monitor their subjects’ online activity on an ongoing basis. To help with this need, SMI has developed a new solution for tracking your subjects that lets you order multiple analyst reports or exports on the same subject at a discounted rate. Our new monitoring feature allows you … Read More

SMI API Now Available

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Our new API is now available! Integrate SMI’s Social Reporting capabilities into your organization’s systems with our RESTful API. The SMI API provides the ability to enter analyst-supported orders into SMI’s system and is also capable of returning finished reports automatically upon completion. SMI API At the request of our customers, we developed an API in order to make ordering … Read More

Exports: When to Save Social Media Profiles

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Export Use Cases Want to know when to preserve content from the internet? Check out the Export™ Use Cases below to learn how saving offline versions of web pages can be critical to your investigations. 1. Preserve Evidence Capturing public social media evidence before it’s taken down or made private is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that you can use … Read More

Exports: Preserve Social Media Evidence

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Export Social Media Evidence Social Media Information (SMI) is proud to officially release its improved Export product! With Exports, SMI preserves social media profiles and other websites as searchable, offline PDFs that can be stored with the rest of your case files. Enormous amounts of social media content can be added in minutes, but it can be taken down just … Read More

SMI Uses Recursive Search Technology

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At SMI, we understand that actionable data is essential to your business and legal needs. In today’s world, valuable information can be found in social media profiles, the open web, and the deep web. However, the time you currently spend discovering this information could be better allocated to your area of expertise. Many businesses and Law Firms do not realize … Read More

Diligentia Group Review Deep Report

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Diligentia Group Review SMI's Deep Report - Brian Willingham of Diligent Group sitting at a desk with a computer.

Review Recently the SMI Deep Report Product received an excellent independent review from private investigator Brian Willingham of The Diligentia Group. You can read this review by visiting Diligentia Group’s blog (while you’re there check out his other great articles on private investigations). At SMI we love to talk about our solutions, but we know that sometimes you may want to hear … Read More

Workers Compensation Fraud & Social Media

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Workers Compensation claims are serious and should be treated as such. Fraudulent workers compensation claims are costly to both companies and the individuals that have legitimate claims. That is why it is so important to verify legitimacy in all cases. SMI can help with this process by providing SOSINT reports. A SOSINT report contains information from Social Media, Search Engines, … Read More

Reflections of a New SOSINT Analyst

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I started working for SMI as a part-time Social Open Source Intelligence (SOSINT) Analyst last year when the company had overflow work or needed help with larger projects. I was aware of the different products they offered, but I didn’t take to mind what the different clients were, or why they wanted certain products. Since then I started working full … Read More