Investigator’s Guide to Facebook

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Investigator's Guide to Facebook - Facebook logo under magnifying glass.

The Investigator’s Guide to Social Media introduces popular social media platforms and how information shared on these platforms can benefit investigators. In this installment, we’ll be discussing why one should be investigating Facebook. What is Facebook? Social media sites span a spectrum from just providing a user name and a photo to the ability to get a deeper look at a person’s life, their … Read More

Avoiding Negative Press with Social Media Screening

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Avoiding Negative Press with Social Media Screening - Screen capture of Wendy Bell's Facebook page and post apologizing for remarks.

By now, you have probably heard about Wendy Bell being fired from WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, PA, for racially insensitive comments she made on her Facebook page. Not only does her post reflect poorly on her, but as a long-time employee of the station, her comments will be associated with WTAE-TV as well, even though the station likely doesn’t share the same opinion. We have … Read More

SMI Headed to ABA TechShow

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2016 ABA Techshow

Come visit SMI at the ABA TECHSHOW! CEO Chris Randall and Sales Director Mike Bosick will be at the show in Booth 509. Current & prospective customers who stop by the booth will receive a $200 credit for SMI services! (as well as mugs, pens and some other goodies!) If you’d like to schedule a time to talk with us, feel … Read More

Admissibility of Private Social Media Evidence

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Since our post about social media evidence admissibility received so much attention, we created a follow-up article focusing on the admissibility of private social media evidence. As discussed in the first installment, social media evidence is admissible in court and may have a direct impact on the outcome of a case. In addition to evidence from public social media accounts being discoverable, … Read More

3 Dangers of Accidental Social Media Interactions

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Have you ever… accidentally liked something on Facebook? accidentally friended someone online? forgotten to set your LinkedIn to view anonymously before creeping on a stranger’s LinkedIn? If you’ve ever done these things, you know that immediate, unpleasant feeling of regret that follows. It looks something like this: However, if the person you’re looking at online is someone you’re investigating, this type of … Read More

Social Media and the NFL Combine

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Social Media and the NFL Combine - Football players running on field.

The NFL Combine will be starting up this week in Indianapolis, and as in years prior, the on-field competencies and physical abilities of professional football hopefuls will be evaluated and appraised by executives, coaches, scouts and doctors. Recently, however, reviews of player’s character and online activities have become almost as important as their performance at the 40-yard dash and the 225 pound bench press.  … Read More

How to Preserve Web Evidence

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While there are many ways to preserve web evidence, not all of these methods will meet your needs. This is especially true if you need to preserve internet evidence for use in court or if you need to be able to analyze the websites after they are captured. This blog will cover how to preserve web evidence for lawyers, private investigators, … Read More

How HR Professionals Use Social Media

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How Human Resource Professionals Use Social Media - Eyeglasses and laptop sitting atop desk.

As an HR professional, do you ever peruse a resume and wonder how you could learn more about that person? Social media sites can be an excellent source for HR to acquire more information about their potential hires or current employees. They help turn a pristine resume into a three-dimensional character profile, usually adding an extra gleam to the polish, … Read More

Help! The evidence I need is gone!

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“Can you do anything to recover deleted posts? Everything is gone!” Our office gets a call like this every few days. Unfortunately for the hopeful PI or paralegal on the other end of the line, there usually isn’t much we can do after content is taken down. Although it depends on the site, once a post, profile or webpage is … Read More

New Export Bundling & Pricing

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With continued development of our popular Export product, we have been able to lower the price for our customers. We have cut the price for exports in half, from $100 to $50. This is the price for all standard Exports of social media profiles, blogs, small business websites and other webpages. In addition to lowering the price, we created Export Bundling as a … Read More