The Truth About Truth Social

Truth Social

What is Truth Social?

In October 2021, former President Donald Trump announced the launch of his new social media application, Truth Social. People say that the platform provides a new space for “big voices” that mainstream social media companies like Twitter and Facebook have silenced. The launch of Truth Social comes after Trump was banned from Twitter and other social media platforms following the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, 2021.

Truth Social was developed by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and was released in February 2022. The platform promises to provide users with a space where they can express themselves freely without fear of censorship or de-platforming.

Truth Social Features

The platform will feature standard social media elements like posting, commenting, and sharing, but with a twist. According to the TMTG, Truth Social will also offer a new feature called “Truth Social Feed.” It will allow users to see the posts that are most relevant to them, based on their interests and preferences. This means that users will only see the content that they want to see, and not have to sift through irrelevant content.

Another unique feature of is the “invite-only” model, which means that users will need an invitation to join the platform. This is a departure from traditional social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where anyone can create an account and start posting immediately. Reports expect the invite-only model to foster a sense of exclusivity and community among users. 

Concerns about Truth Social

Critics of the platform have already expressed concerns. They worry that the platform will be a breeding ground for hate speech and conspiracy theories. And they fear that the lack of content moderation on the platform will lead to the spread of false information and harmful rhetoric. According to Pew Research Centermany prominent Truth Social accounts are right-leaning or pro-Trump despite the platform’s non-partisan claims. However, the TMTG has stated that the platform will have moderation policies in place. And they will take action against users who violate the community guidelines.

Evidence Collection Implications

As the social media landscape continues to grow and develop, SMI Aware is keeping a careful eye on ways to capture evidence and information online. Our proprietary technology and expert analysts make evidence collection discrete and federally compliant. We collect source code and metadata from new and existing social media platforms to make online insights defensible. Contact SMI Aware to learn about collecting evidence to win cases. 

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