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Notice: As we all continue to monitor the rapidly changing circumstances related to the COVID-19 situation, SMI Aware has implemented a Work From Home (WFH) policy effective last Monday, March 16th. We are committed to the health and well being of our employees, clients, and community. During this time, our business will be operating as usual and we will be leveraging our secure, cloud based application to work remotely. Forward thinking investments in technology are allowing SMI Aware employees to operate both securely and efficiently. We stand ready to serve our clients and as a small business, we greatly appreciate your continued support during these difficult times. 

The Argument For SMI Aware

Founded in 2011, SMI Aware is the longest-running social media evidence collection and preservation company. We have created proprietary technology that enables us to locate, export, and preserve information from social media, search engines, public records, and the deep web.

  • 7 of the 10 largest Labor and Employment Firms use SMI Aware
  • Preferred vendor for Chubb, CapSpecialty, Federated Insurance, and Selective Insurance – this means we can be used internally and by outside counsel.
  • Investigated over 3000 subjects for evidence of fraud on average, per year.
  • Provided support to the defense side of more than 10 Product Liability Class Actions in 2019.

Products & Services

We Provide Ethically Sourced Research

Deep Report

In-depth Investigations that cover complex networks, social media and the deep web. The investigations are tailored to the defined search criteria provided by the client in order to find specific information.


Our Export provides defensible web and social media evidence by obtaining the source code and metadata to secure the digital chain of custody, which is far superior to a screenshot.

Research Bundle

The Research Bundle ensures you have the most relevant data and that this data is protected for use in court. It includes a Deep Report and up to three Exports to preserve key evidence.


Some projects have specific needs or a larger volume of data to review. SMI Aware offers a customized support option to meet the unique needs of your project.




This Could Be You

What's at risk by not using SMI Aware?


Attempting to alter, conceal, falsify or destroy online evidence can cost you a case, or worse, result in catastrophic lawsuits against your firm.

False Positives

With over 240 million social media users in the US alone, it can be easy to misidentify a subject’s online profiles without proper training and authentication tools.

Unethical Behaviors

“Friending” to gain access to information is an example of behavior that can render your evidence useless in court.


Failure to encrypt sensitive information and store it on secure servers can leave you and your firm vulnerable to data breaches.

How does SMI Aware Protect You?

Expert Analysts

Expert Analysts You Can Trust

Our in-house, full-time team of board-certified social media intelligence experts (CSMIE) conducts each custom investigation to find exactly what you need when you need it. Unbiased agents maintain the digital chain of custody and can provide testimony in support of the evidence they collected.

SMI analysts are certified social media intelligence experts.

These full time employees are experts in social media intelligence and, along with our proprietary technology, are an indispensable reason why SMI Aware is the leader in open source & social media intelligence (SOCMINT). Learn more about SMI Aware’s history and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition on our Process page.

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