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Social media evidence can make your case — only if it is ethically located and preserved. Using our proprietary technology to search social media, search engines, and the deep web, our in-house analysts locate, capture, and preserve the social media evidence that evades most investigators while complying with the highest standard of ethics.
Complete Evidence Preservation Customized to Your Case
SMI investigations are completed within five days or faster if needed. Our Export provides defensible web and social media evidence by obtaining the source code and metadata to secure the digital chain of custody, which is far superior to a screenshot. The Deep Report illustrates a subject’s total online presence including social media, search engines, and the deep web — tailored to your investigation. The Research Bundle is a defensible investigation with three profile Exports to support a Deep Report.
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The Benefits of Partnering with SMI Aware


Working in partnership with a third-party provider like SMI Aware eliminates the potential for bias and unethical activity that can arise from conducting in-house research.


SMI Aware analysts use proprietary web-discovery technology that produces accurate search results, creating a quick and efficient way to evaluate subjects.


All evidence compiled by our expert team of analysts adheres to the Rules of Evidence as well as our strict code of ethics, ensuring the legal defensibility of all information collected.


We provide you the peace of mind knowing that every online outlet containing information relevant to your case has been explored, from the deep web to all existing social media sites.

Data Security

SMI Aware upholds strict Information Security requirements. All data is encrypted and stored on secure servers, ensuring confidentiality to all of our customers.

Change the way you do web discovery.

Partner with our team for fast, accurate results that reduce your firm’s risk and helps you win more cases.

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Social media evidence experts

Expert Analysts You Can Trust

Our in-house, full-time team of board-certified social media intelligence experts (CSMIE) conducts each custom investigation to find exactly what you need when you need it. Unbiased agents maintain the digital chain of custody and can provide testimony in support of the evidence they collected.
SMI analysts are certified social media intelligence experts.
These full time employees are experts in social media intelligence and, along with our proprietary technology, are an indispensable reason why SMI Aware is the leader in open source & social media intelligence (SOCMINT). Learn more about SMI Aware’s history and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition on our Company page

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Find-out what SMI Aware’s team of analysts has been working on, read articles about best practices, and learn what’s new in the world of open source (OSINT) and social media intelligence (SOCMINT).
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With nearly two-thirds of adults sharing information on social media, there’s a good chance that information relevant to your investigation is available – if you can find it.

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