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Social activities of any subject compiled into one discovery, reporting, and monitoring platform to help lawyers, administrators, executives, and investigators manage risk.

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Our Analysts produce reports to provide a complete view of a subjects social and public internet activity and searchable PDF site exports archiving public page data for any individual or web address.

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SMI can produce reports that map to the priorities of a wide array of industries and applications.

For Legal

Social Media Information can now be submitted as evidence. With SMI, collecting, monitoring, and reporting that information is easy for litigators, paralegals, law librarians and other legal professionals. Delivered as a service or a single report, SMI is a great fit for firms at any size. Learn More

For Investigators

Licensed private investigators and private detectives seek capture as much information as possible about their subjects from as many sources as they can. SMI helps comb social media profiles for photos and information to efficiently bring back the matches that can both speed and deepen your investigation. Learn More

For Financial Services

SMI helps corporate finance and financial services professionals leverage social media in a number of capacities including fraud investigations, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance and investment diligence. Adding social media information to the due diligence process can add another dimension to the fiduciary worthiness of a candidate or customer. Learn More

For Human Resources

Finding and maintaining employee fit is a challenge for many organizations—large and small. Know exactly who you're hiring by understanding the social activities and behaviors of job candidates and mitigate the release of corporate secrets and dishonest workplace behavior through ongoing monitoring. Learn More

For Fraud Examiners

Discovering fraud is as simple as finding evidence that the alleged limitation is not actually limiting. The sooner you discover it, the sooner you can stop it. Minimize client losses by using social media investigation to reveal the real life patterns and activities of suspected perpetrators through their social publishing. Learn More

For Insurance

Social media information has become a critical component of insurance claims investigations. Experienced Analysts use SMI’s proprietary technology to find, analyze and save pieces of evidence relevant to insurance investigations. We can help you find comments about injuries, photos of physical activity, posts about mental or financial stability, and other information that will help your case. Learn More

For Government

Government employees and personnel have a duty to behave ethically and responsibly. With the advent of social media, managing that has become challenging. SMI provides oversight to help government organizations maintain a positive and respectful presence. Learn More

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Every minute, billions of people post public social information.

All of it establishes a public, searchable, content-rich personal legacy for any individual who spends time on the social internet. We compile those social activities into one discovery, analytics and reporting platform to find incredibly specific things for lawyers, administrators, executives, and investigators.

  • Get a complete view of a subjects social activities
  • Track any subject over the life of the investigation or evaluation
  • Export content and store it offline to compare timelines
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What Customers Are Saying

Social Information Partnership

We rolled SMI out to four locations in our 52 office practice with huge success. The speed and quality is incomparable. As a result, we’ve rolled out the analyst-supported social media research tools firm wide.

Joseph L., Law Firm
Jury Selection

SMI screened 90 jurors in 48 hours as a part of our jury selection process to find hidden bias and prejudices among the jury pool. The information helped our defense team select jurors with the most balanced view of their case.

Edwin A., Law Firm
Human Resources

These folks saved us from making a serious mistake in hiring a senior leader for our company. They are now a strategic part of our recruiting process.

John M., Growth Stage Tech Firm
Litigation Support

During discovery, defense identified very active Facebook and Twitter accounts owned by the former girlfriend of their client. With a court ordered a lock on the plaintiff’s social media profile, SMI monitored and discovered incriminating posts that helped dismiss the case.

Nancy B., Professional Investigator

Proudly, Publicly Social

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