What is SOSINT?

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What is SOSINT? You have most likely conducted your very own SOSINT investigation. Have you ever Googled someone, or looked up a fellow colleague on Facebook or Linkedin? Then you have ventured, albeit shallowly, into the world of SOSINT data. SOSINT is an element of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): the Social element. As you can imagine, there is an incredible … Read More

Simplifying SOSINT Research

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You need information on a person, whether it be a new hire, a background check, a verification of character, or an assessment of their online presence, you need to make a decision about this person to advance your situation. But first you need to do your research. Research is a menial task, but it must be done thoroughly otherwise it’s … Read More

26th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference

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26th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference - Skyline of Baltimore, Maryland at night.

Social Media Information (SMI) helped sponsor the 26th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference last week in Baltimore, Maryland. This global conference was huge success with over 3,000 anti-fraud professionals from around the world. According to the ACFE website, companies worldwide lose an estimated 5% of revenue to occupational fraud each year. Not surprisingly, many of the attendees we spoke with said they are … Read More

How to Stop Silent Write-Downs

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Stop Silent Write-Downs - Businessman writing at desk.

What are silent write-downs? The amount of publicly available information through internet research is growing exponentially. Parties and witnesses in a dispute may post information relevant to your case on social media and the open internet, and this information can expose a person’s conduct, character, credibility, and state of mind. Firms are under increasing pressure to contain litigation costs, but … Read More

Is Social Media Evidence Admissible in Court?

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A frequently asked question we get here at SMI is, “Is social media content admissible in court and, furthermore, is it lawful to obtain?” According to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys are expected to utilize technology, including social media, in order to provide competent and diligent representation to a client.  Researching the online public presence of potential parties, … Read More

The Evolution of OSINT to SOSINT

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has become a pervasive term. This information is collected from publicly available sources such as the Internet, radio frequencies, airwaves and newspapers. OSINT includes information or data that is openly available for anyone to access. The term, coined by the intelligence community, is commonly used in the government and military, and more increasingly by the commercial … Read More

How Cities Have Embraced Social Media to Hear You

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Just how effective are your angry tweets and Facebook posts airing your grievances about your community? Your primary focus when posting was just to vent, right? Or maybe you were letting your followers know of some impending danger on that street after 11pm. You know the one; you avoid it when you’re alone because it’s just too sketchy to wander down without … Read More

Why Social Media Information Analysts do it Better

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Have you ever spent hours searching for someone or something you just can’t find? You start to get frustrated because you’re not even sure what you’re looking for or where to look. You’ve come across multiple sites across different mediums and you’re still not even sure if what you’ve found is accurate.  You start to think, “What’s valid? And shouldn’t this … Read More

How Social Media Could Break Your Next Case

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Social media continues to have a profound effect on litigation today. Whether you use it to research your own potential clients, vet potential jurors in an upcoming case, or prepare for the cross examinations of key witnesses, social media investigation can be a vital and invaluable resource to your litigation strategy. These three examples illustrate show how gathering social media … Read More

Avoid Your Own Trevor Noah Backlash

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Leverage OSINT and Social Media for Employment Screening Last week, the much anticipated announcement of Jon Stewart’s replacement for host of “The Daily Show,” quickly turned from excitement to damage control for Comedy Central in less than 24 hours. Trevor Noah faced some deep criticism from the Internet and social media universe after several older, offensive tweets he wrote referencing … Read More