Case Study: 0347 – How Social Media Evidence Avoided a $1M Settlement

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Case Study 0347 - Two hikers walking along a trail.

When a regional law firm in the Pacific Northwest was approved to go to trial in a personal injury lawsuit, they knew that social media evidence would play a key role in the case’s outcome. The lawsuit revolved around a traffic accident involving the plaintiff and a commercial vehicle which was insured by the company the law firm was representing. The law firm noticed inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s story and asked SMI to locate any evidence on their social media … Read More

What is Your Social Media Research Solution Missing?

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What Is Your Social Media Investigation Solution Missing? - Two women standing behind a computer monitor.

As a busy legal professional, you are aware of the value of social media evidence. What might come as a surprise, however, is that there are significant drawbacks to conducting your own social media research – even if your firm uses a subscription service to preserve the evidence. Uncertain about the answers to any of these questions? It’s time your … Read More

Case Study: 0015

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Case Study 0015 - Hamburger and fries in a red basket.

When a national fast-food chain faced a class action lawsuit, their legal counsel turned to social media information to verify the eligibility of the lawsuit’s participants. The lawsuit was being brought by current and former employees of the restaurant chain who claimed that the employer had falsely classified employees … Read More

Social Media Evidence in Bankruptcy Proceedings

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Social Media Evidence in Bankruptcy Proceedings - Exotic car parked curbside.

Recently, a bankruptcy judge ordered rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, back to court over several of his Instagram pictures. The pictures show the rapper with bundles of cash, one showing piles in his refrigerator, another with bundles spelling out the word “broke,” and another showed him cuddling money in bed. He’s also used his Instagram … Read More