Class-Action Support with SMI Aware

Class action lawsuits differ from other types of legal action in many important aspects, including determining whether the parties involved constitute a valid class for purposes of their legal action. SMI Aware has the expertise to support litigators as a partner through all the complexities of a class-action lawsuit.

Large Numbers of Participants

By definition, class action lawsuits often involve a large number of participants. SMI Aware employs proprietary technology along with expert human analysis to process searches efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. We are able to replicate certain searches and answer questions for all involved parties in a consistent and defensible manner.


Case Study: How SMI Aware Saved Our Client Thousands of Dollars

SMI Aware worked with a fast-food restaurant chain facing a class-action lawsuit from a firm representing both current and former employees. The lawsuit claimed that the chain had unlawfully classified the employees as managers to avoid paying overtime wages. 

The firm turned to SMI to conduct social media searches of the participants to determine their eligibility for inclusion in the class. We conducted searches of their LinkedIn profiles for three factors: timeline (to determine whether participants worked for the chain during the period covered by the lawsuit), job title, and job descriptions. The latter two categories determined prospective class participants who claimed management status or performed management duties.


Would-be class members were categorized as “evidence verifies participation,” “evidence disputes participation,” and “inconclusive social media evidence.” Because of our work, the chain was able to determine which participants were valid members of the class while screening out ineligible members. As a result, the chain saved thousands in legal expenses and reduced the settlement amount they ultimately paid.


Learn More about how SMI Aware Can Facilitate Class Action Defense

Firms facing the prospect of class-action lawsuits should definitely consider social media investigation as one element of their legal defense. SMI Aware is ready to respond to any questions about existing or upcoming litigation. Why not give us a call today?

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