Social Media Report Reveals That Injury Was Not as Serious as Lawsuit Alleges

faking neck injury


The subject is a Nanny and Housekeeper who claimed she was injured in a minor rear-end accident in Wilton, CT on January 8th, 2018, where she claimed serious injuries to her head, neck, and back.

Analyst Findings

Extensive evidence was found that the subject was being physically active after the incident that occurred on 08 January 2018. The subject is seen photographed in various locations while hiking & backpacking along with posting frequently via her AllTrails profile where she documents her various excursions. The subject is also seen participating in what appears to be a marathon and or triathlon on 28 November 2019. The subject was not seen to post any photos that indicate the visible use of medical devices after the date of loss, nor did the subject reference the incident detailed in the scope of this report.

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