Investigating the Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Litigation Case

young gymnast

The plaintiff is a gymnast who suffered a left arm fracture on October 22, 2016, at the Defendant’s dance and gymnastics facility. The defendant believed that since the accident, the plaintiff continued her gymnastics career, competing in multiple events every year. Specifically, they had information regarding the plaintiff’s participation in three gymnastics competitions

The defendant hoped the search would reveal social media and/or web resources that showed the plaintiff competing in gymnastic events, her scores, photographs of her competing, videos of her competing, etc. The goal is to obtain information showing Plaintiff is competing at a high level despite this injury. We also searched for any social media and/or web resources showing the plaintiff utilizing her left arm in normal daily activities. Resources that will be helpful are her parents’ social media pages if they exist.

Analyst Findings

The subject is a minor (13 years old) whose scope related material was found on her mother’s Facebook page. On Facebook, there were several scope related photos related to gymnastics, the accident that occurred in 2016, and utilizing her left arm for everyday activities. Additionally, the subject was found to compete in gymnastics competitions that occurred in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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