Social Media Deep Report Supports Defense of National Bus Company in Lawsuit

Supports Defense of Greyhound in Lawsuit

The search uncovered numerous criminal charges for terroristic threats, possessing a controlled substance, and imminent danger to name a few.


The subject is suing a national bus company for “racist, discriminatory, and negligent behavior” that allegedly occurred during a trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC. The subject is claiming the bus company and their employee caused physical injuries and other damages. SMI Aware was to search for any physical injury information posted by the subject along with any criminal/drug information and racial discrimination/sensitivity information. We were very interested to see what the subject did and posted around the time of the incident, on January 5th 2019.

Analyst Findings

An extensive amount of posts shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showed content directly related to the scope. The subject continually posted about the bus company incident on all three platforms, including follow up actions such as hiring a lawyer and pursuing a lawsuit. The subject also claimed that due to the incident, he had to check into West Penn Hospital. The subject further claims that the doctor told him that he “could have a splinter fracture” and that he was “diagnosed with a lung contusion,” while the subject directly associates this with “reckless driving and racial profiling” experienced through the bus company. Additionally, the search uncovered numerous criminal charges for terroristic threats, possessing a controlled substance, imminent danger, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and Accident Involving Death/Injury-Not Properly Licensed.

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