Why Reality TV Requires Social Media Vetting

social media screening

Reality TV audiences want the thrill of the natural performer. But industry executives know that dealing with an unknown person is not always a risk that pays off. When competition shows seek to make a star out of an “average” person and go casting in the streets of major cities, producers want to unearth raw talent, not a social media landmine.

An in-depth social media report is quickly becoming a standard of due diligence across a range of industries

Before anyone steps in front of a reality TV camera, they should be vetted by professionals. Otherwise, they are a potential risk liability for everyone from the producers to the network. Reality TV fans rank among social media’s loudest voices, and they are never shy about exposing a contestant’s problematic old tweets or lambasting a network for a contestant’s embarrassing behavior.

For several years, SMI Aware has worked with TV producers and networks to identify social media posts by potential contestants that might be of concern. An in-depth social media report is quickly becoming a standard of due diligence across a range of industries, not just entertainment. Given that, it makes sense to hand the task over to professionals rather than trust such a critical report to your in-house staff, who may overlook red flags or provide an inconsistent analysis level.

SMI Aware is a veteran of the reality TV process, whether it’s dating shows or talent competitions. We’re an extension of your team, and we have all the benefits of a third party who is independent and unbiased. We listen to what the client needs and tailor our searches to meet our client’s specific criteria.

We analyze images as well as text and scan for specific keywords. We find everything online that meets their search criteria. Then we aggregate, analyze, and organize the data for our client in a usable way. What they do with the data is up to them,

Not everyone is a reality TV producer, but in today’s world, many professions and employers require social media background checks at some point, and our Deep Reports provide that intelligence in a consistent and legally defensible way. Additionally, while SMI Aware works as an extension of your in-house team, we are a neutral third-party providing unbiased results.

SMI Aware is a trusted expert in the field of social media background checks. Every SMI Aware Deep Report is tailored around a client’s needs and designed to inform their decision-making process.

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social media screening

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