3 Dangers of Accidental Social Media Interactions

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Have you ever… accidentally liked something on Facebook? accidentally friended someone online? forgotten to set your LinkedIn to view anonymously before creeping on a stranger’s LinkedIn? If you’ve ever done these things, you know that immediate, unpleasant feeling of regret that follows. It looks something like this: However, if the person you’re looking at online is someone you’re investigating, this type of … Read More

Social Media and the NFL Combine

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Social Media and the NFL Combine - Football players running on field.

The NFL Combine will be starting up this week in Indianapolis, and as in years prior, the on-field competencies and physical abilities of professional football hopefuls will be evaluated and appraised by executives, coaches, scouts and doctors. Recently, however, reviews of player’s character and online activities have become almost as important as their performance at the 40-yard dash and the 225 pound bench press.  … Read More

How to Preserve Web Evidence

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While there are many ways to preserve web evidence, not all of these methods will meet your needs. This is especially true if you need to preserve internet evidence for use in court or if you need to be able to analyze the websites after they are captured. This blog will cover how to preserve web evidence for lawyers, private investigators, … Read More

How HR Professionals Use Social Media

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How Human Resource Professionals Use Social Media - Eyeglasses and laptop sitting atop desk.

As an HR professional, do you ever peruse a resume and wonder how you could learn more about that person? Social media sites can be an excellent source for HR to acquire more information about their potential hires or current employees. They help turn a pristine resume into a three-dimensional character profile, usually adding an extra gleam to the polish, … Read More

Help! The evidence I need is gone!

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“Can you do anything to recover deleted posts? Everything is gone!” Our office gets a call like this every few days. Unfortunately for the hopeful PI or paralegal on the other end of the line, there usually isn’t much we can do after content is taken down. Although it depends on the site, once a post, profile or webpage is … Read More

Facebook Search Returns

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Facebook Search Returns - Facebook word mark and search bar.

A new site called Search is Back is now offering an easy-to-use interface for conducting complex searches on Facebook. Facebook’s Graph Search, which was released in 2013, requires you to use complicated phrases to narrow down your search results (such as “People named John Smith who live in New York City” or “People who went to Harvard who like strawberries”). Many users find … Read More

Export Now: Why It Can Hurt Your Case to Wait

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Do you have a social media account or webpage content that is critical to your case? If you wait even a day to preserve it, you may lose access to it forever. The online and social media worlds are very unpredictable, and content is constantly getting deleted. Don’t be unprepared and lose critical information that could make or break your … Read More

Exports: When to Save Social Media Profiles

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Export Use Cases Want to know when to preserve content from the internet? Check out the Export™ Use Cases below to learn how saving offline versions of web pages can be critical to your investigations. 1. Preserve Evidence Capturing public social media evidence before it’s taken down or made private is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that you can use … Read More

SMI Uses Recursive Search Technology

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At SMI, we understand that actionable data is essential to your business and legal needs. In today’s world, valuable information can be found in social media profiles, the open web, and the deep web. However, the time you currently spend discovering this information could be better allocated to your area of expertise. Many businesses and Law Firms do not realize … Read More

Workers Compensation Fraud & Social Media

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Workers Compensation claims are serious and should be treated as such. Fraudulent workers compensation claims are costly to both companies and the individuals that have legitimate claims. That is why it is so important to verify legitimacy in all cases. SMI can help with this process by providing SOSINT reports. A SOSINT report contains information from Social Media, Search Engines, … Read More