Why Social Media Information Analysts do it Better

Have you ever spent hours searching for someone or something you just can’t find? You start to get frustrated because you’re not even sure what you’re looking for or where to look. You’ve come across multiple sites across different mediums and you’re still not even sure if what you’ve found is accurate.  You start to think, “What’s valid? And shouldn’t this all be more efficient?”

Well, there’s an easier way to do it all, and social media analysts are specialized in knowing just how. For instance, you probably wouldn’t know what a Facebook Graph Search is. And you probably wouldn’t know that Facebook doesn’t even use it anymore. Social media analysts are the first to know about these interface changes, because they work with these functions everyday. So when sites like Facebook update their search settings (hint: they update A LOT) analysts are the first to figure out how, because they access and perform these searches on a daily basis.

There’s so many places to look, and so many sites at your disposal, but do you know about all of them? Do you know where you can find public records or how to trace a phone number back to an address or person? SMI does. We even subscribe to sites that aren’t accessible to the public. We specialize in finding and investigating social media sites, some of which you wouldn’t even know how to find!

With the interweb being so vast and full of stuff, it’s pretty time consuming sifting through it all to find what you’re looking for;  a whole new job industry has emerged because of it. SMI has their own “spider”, which is just a fancy way of describing arthropods that have eight legs. Just kidding, that’s not the type of spider we’re talking about. A “spider” is just an internet bot that harvests the information you want, it scrapes through the internet and brings back all the information pertaining to your search. You can see the outcome of this “web crawl” on the results page of Google. With SMI, you have access to your very own  customizable spider.

But let’s be clear: even with this special spider that we made for your use, the results can still be substantial, and making your way through it all can be exhausting and time consuming. Well, we can do it for you. A customer once told us that it takes them 6 to 8 hours to complete an in-depth search. It takes us ¼ of that time to complete an equally, if not more, accurate search and send you a tidy and comprehensive report. Why? Because we know where to look and we know how to look, it’s our job and it’s what we do all day. So sign up and let us do it for you.

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