What is SOSINT?

What is SOSINT?

You have most likely conducted your very own SOSINT investigation. Have you ever Googled someone, or looked up a fellow colleague on Facebook or Linkedin? Then you have ventured, albeit shallowly, into the world of SOSINT data. SOSINT is an element of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): the Social element.

As you can imagine, there is an incredible amount of information available with billions of people posting public social information to dozens of services. All of it establishes a public, searchable, content-rich personal legacy for any individual who spends time on the social internet. Essentially, that is what Social Open Source Intelligence is: public information, personal data, elements of the deep web and index web. SOSINT is what ‘new’ media is all about, which is a division from the ‘old’ media of newspapers and radio that defines OSINT.

If you’re looking for specific information on individuals, sorting through SOSINT media can be a hassle, a burden that you may not be totally equipped to undertake. That is where SMI comes in: we are the leader in SOSINT reporting and software. SMI combines the best technology with the most experienced analysts in the industry to find the specific information that you need in a more efficient amount of time.

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