What Does it Take to be a CSMIE Pro?

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Collaborator: Stephanie Fikisz

At SMI Aware, our social media investigation experts are a vital part of our team of experts. Our CSMIEs meet several certification standards to be a part of our analyst team, and they bring credible, repeatable, unbiased searching techniques to our proprietary technology.

What are  Certified Social Media Investigation Experts?

CSMIE is an abbreviation for Certified Social Media Intelligence Experts, and is a nationally accredited and recognized certification. Those who acquire this certification have the most concise and up-to-date open-source, social media, and intelligence training. The training prepares them for effectively conducting online investigations.

CSMIE’s must complete 60 professional educational credits with the McAfee Institute to achieve this title and to acquire a certification. The certification includes training courses, preparation reviews, and exams. Course prerequisites are a Bachelor’s Degree or higher plus four years of experience in related intelligence fields, an Associates Degree plus six years of experience, or a High School diploma plus seven years of experience. The CSMIE certification ranks as a Level 4 (Expert) in an overall proficiency level.

The courses within the certification cover a variety of investigation and intelligence-gathering topics. Course topics include Cyber Operations, Advanced Search Techniques, Privacy and Data Protection, Open-Source Intelligence, Social Media Intelligence, Exploring the Deep Web, Digital Forensics, Legal Fundamentals, and Cyber Investigations.

Why is it important to have CSMIEs on the SMI Aware team?

CSMIE certified Analysts are crucial for investigations. They are recognized as industry experts and have the most advanced techniques and expertise for online intelligence gathering. Moreover, CSMIE analysts at SMI Aware are trained to collect and preserve online evidence using our own proprietary technology with an unbiased, repeatable process. With a team of experienced analysts, you can be confident that you will receive accurate, efficient, compliant, and secure results.

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