Top Technology Trends Impacting 2022

As the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, the impact on businesses and industries worldwide is ongoing. Clients increasingly demand transparency and predictability in pricing and consistency in communication and service from law firms.

It’s more crucial than ever for law firms to stay up to date with law and technology trends, especially for firms that have opted for hybrid or fully remote operations. Firms’ ability to utilize legal technology solutions to meet these challenges will benefit from the increased trust from clients, leading to stronger ongoing professional relationships.

Leveraging Technology

Legal departments continue to experience significant and ongoing digital transformation, and smart law firms seek out technology solutions for a diverse range of challenges. Likewise, the entire legal industry is experiencing increased technology adoption, including further research, investment, and innovation by legal technology companies and law firms.

Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Throughout 2022 and beyond, the legal industry will experience significant positive impacts from broad technology adaptation in court procedures and other legal events. For instance, social media investigation software technology allows for collecting vast amounts of potentially relevant data on opposing parties. Other legal tech advances, such as enhanced website collection, will enable the e-discovery process to capture and preserve websites.

Transparency, Predictability, and Trust

SMI Aware leverages technology to support our clients in the practice of law and help them meet and exceed their legal practice objectives. Both firms and clients profit from the resulting ability for attorneys to focus on service delivery rather than billable hours. SMI Aware is prepared to utilize advances in legal tech to provide vital functions for our clients, such as the automation of administrative work, allowing attorneys to focus on providing the best possible legal services for their clients.

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