How to Find Someone with an Alias

find someone with an alias

Written in collaboration with Jessie Murphy 

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What is an Alias?

An alias is an alternative name or title used by an individual other than their own to conceal, distort, or falsify a subject’s identity. While aliases can be a fun alter ego for some internet users, aliases can also make it difficult to confirm subject identities and attribute evidence and information to a time or event. For some, aliases are a way of self expression online, but for others, aliases serve to hide malicious or illegal activities.

Some of the most popular alias accounts on social media are “finsta” or a “fake Instagram” typically used by Gen-Z and Millennials. “Finsta” accounts are most often a secondary Instagram account for an individual with private settings activated and accessible to only a select group. Celebrities, like Dylan O’Brien, are believed to have these accounts in order to share photos without risking their public persona.

How do you find someone with an alias?

The discovery of these accounts may require the help of an Open Source Intelligence Analyst responsible for gathering and analyzing information publicly available online using specialized methods. Analysts at SMI Aware locate and identify social media profiles by gathering a subject’s posts online. Many times, individuals with alias accounts share information linked to his or her real identity. Information could include phone numbers, birthdates, educational achievements, employment, addresses, and relatives or associates.

When a law firm reached out to SMI Aware for a report regarding an individual involved in criminal content, they knew social media would play a key role. The individual was the defendant in a human trafficking, prostitution, and child abuse case. Despite their use of an alias, our analyst was able to locate several social media accounts which could be positively attributed to the individual. Because the subject shared her birthdate on Instagram, the analyst was able to use that identifier to discover and collect information from alternative social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Venmo. Other factors like the subject’s physical appearance, associates, shared usernames, and shared alias name helped to confirm her identity across all of her social media accounts.

Investigate with SMI Aware

Online discovery can be prone to misidentification and misinformation if not done by a highly trained professional. Deceptive aliases and common names (i.e. John Smith) can be a challenge to positively identify. They require both time and resources to investigate properly. SMI Aware uses a mix of proprietary software and specialized analytical teams to perform deep and detailed investigations in order to find and positively identify a subject. And unlike our competitors, we diligently search for relationships, associates, and connections to your subject to ensure we identify the correct individual. Start your investigations with SMI Aware to receive comprehensive, compliant, and cost-effective reports about your subject.

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