Simplifying SOSINT Research

You need information on a person, whether it be a new hire, a background check, a verification of character, or an assessment of their online presence, you need to make a decision about this person to advance your situation. But first you need to do your research. Research is a menial task, but it must be done thoroughly otherwise it’s a waste of time. SOSINT research delivers an overwhelming amount of data; a great many of these results not having any value to you or your firm. At SMI we specialize in vetting, referencing and verifying these results, the product of which is a report that contains exactly what you need to make a decision now.

For example, you’re doing an employee background check. A quick search returns a Facebook page that hasn’t been used in over a year, a Twitter from the prospective employee’s high school years, and Google+ page that has no data on it. Well, those things aren’t very useful to you at all. If you had employed SMI to do this research, then maybe you’d open the report we generated and see at the very top a LinkedIn page with the prospective employee’s prior jobs, followed by a list of public records including newspaper articles and any public criminal activity. That is the difference between doing your own precursory search and having a specialized analyst at SMI do the job. It could take you several hours to get possibly outdated, irrelevant information or you can trust the industry’s best technology and Analysts to find the right information that is catered to your needs.

Anyone can perform various searches on databases and the like, or you can subscribe to a service that delivers you an abundance of search results, but only SMI tailors that information into a report that is has the most actionable data. Our technology and analysts enrich and customize your personalized report to prioritize the results that pertain to your specific question. After all, the internet is saturated with information and turning it into actionable data is our specialty at SMI.

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