How Big a Class Are We Talking?

scalable class action investigation

Big Class? You Need a Scalable Investigation

Class action cases can come with a lot of baggage. While normally, a regular case can have one or two plaintiffs, some class actions can have hundreds of plaintiffs with claims against a product or service. With a large number of plaintiffs, it can be challenging for a small group of attorneys to manage. Categorizing plaintiffs into legitimate claims of injury or faulty equipment can help manage and overwhelming class size. Scalable class action investigation can help eliminate the burden of sorting through many claimants.

Scope-Driven Investigations

SMI Aware specializes in scope driven searching, which is the length and depth of a social media investigation. Scope-driven searches allow legal defense teams to prove or disprove a plaintiff’s allegations. Our analysts conduct searches based on keywords to determine if a plaintiff has interacted with a defendant or mentioned the defendant online. These keyword searches are customizable to meet the needs of each case. Some plaintiffs have large profiles that can take hours to search through every post’s photo etc. Our in-house analysts are able to narrow down posts from any specific time frame in order to see what prospective plaintiffs are saying about a defendant or their product/service.

Our certified analysts create a customized scope and filter through all plaintiffs social media and web presents to determine which cases are legitimate claims versus cases that are fraudulent. Information like case information, date of loss, or a claimant’s position can help an analyst narrow the scope. The analyst can then use that information to help limit general results which could provide invaluable information. Searching can include examining the plaintiff pictured with the product or service in question or using other products that could have caused similar damages.

A well-defined scope plays an important role in a social media investigation. This provides the analyst information that can help narrow down the person of interest. By helping the analysts identify a client’s needs and objectives, the scope is used to drive the social media investigation. Using scope, the analyst can capture credible evidence to support your case.

A Repeatable Process

When this repeatable process is applied to each plaintiff, our analysts are able to take hundreds of claims from plaintiffs. The process narrows the focus of a case to a group that attorneys can prepare a proper defense strategy. The repeatability of the process throughout the investigation assists in the scalability as more plaintiffs join the case.

Our unbiased ethical investigation practices have assisted in more than 10 product liability class actions and used our scalable class action investigation tactics to examine over 3,000 subjects per year. Contact SMI Aware to start your large-scale class action investigation, today!

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