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Social and Web Investigation Conducted Properly

Founded in 2011, SMI Aware is the longest-running social media evidence collection and preservation company. We have created proprietary technology that enables us to locate, export, and preserve information from social media, search engines, public records, and the deep web. We help legal professionals, claims investigators, government agencies, and financial institutions find and analyze web and social media evidence for use in due-diligence investigations, background checks, fraud, and criminal cases.

SMI Aware is an approved and preferred vendor for Chubb, CapSpecialty, Federated Insurance, Selective Insurance, and others – this means we can be used both internally and by outside counsel.

With a team of experienced analysts, SMI Aware not only exports and preserves social media and online evidence, but also provides curated reports that are ready-to-use in your investigation. Ethical investigation techniques combined with a secured chain-of-custody provides our customers with admissible evidence that saves your team time, money, and frustration.

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Meet Our CEO

Chris Randall

As Founder & CEO of SMI Aware, Chris Randall has spearheaded the evolution of the company from a simple platform providing essential social media intelligence for the background screening industry, to a premier managed services company using proprietary technology combined with certified analysts enabling accurate results that delve deep into web and social media. In addition, Chris expanded services from employment background screening into specializing in the legal and insurance markets. As SMI Aware leads the industry in web and social media investigation, Chris oversees the responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of SMI Aware and includes responsibility for all components and future landscape of the business.

SMI Aware: We Are an Extension of Your Team

The SMI Aware Code of Ethics

Evidence collected unethically does not stand up in a court of law. We represent ourselves and our clients in a manner that exemplifies our high standard of excellence while finding and preserving accurate evidence that is admissible in court.

SMI Aware Will

Maintain Data Security

SMI will safeguard, by all possible means, the data collected during your investigation and stored on our private servers.

SMI Aware Will Not

Engage in Unethical Conduct

SMI and its employees will not engage in illegal or unethical conduct, or any activity which would be constitute a conflict of interest.

Comply with Laws & Regulations

SMI and its employees will comply with the lawful orders of the courts, and will testify to matters truthfully and without bias or prejudice.

Hack Social Networks

SMI analysts will not hack a subject’s password to circumvent network safeguards or gain access to information which is not in the public forum

Conduct Unbiased Investigation

SMI analysts follow the same standard operating procedures regardless of the nature of the investigation.

Interact with Subject

SMI analysts will not interact with the subject of an investigation (e.g. they do not send friend requests to gain access to protected information).

Accurately Identify the Subject

SMI analysts will use available traditional and electronic identifiers to positively verify ownership of a social media account or other online presence.

Break Client Confidentiality

SMI will not share information about investigations with third parties.

Conduct Anonymous Investigations

SMI analysts will utilize proprietary techniques to protect your investigation from being discovered (i.e. the subject will not be alerted to the investigation and change privacy settings or remove incriminating evidence).

Outsource Your Investigation

SMI will not allow subcontractors to conduct investigations or gather evidence (i.e. only SMI analysts are tasked with your investigation).

SMI Professional Associations

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