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You need data from the internet and social media about individuals associated with your case. But how you manage open-source intelligence research at your firm can mean the difference between obtaining information that is defensible and information that is not. Consistent search methods are essential to the outcome of your results. But many law firms do not have a process in place to conduct these investigations in a controlled and consistent manner. You likely have staff going on Google or logging into social media, searching for people, and collecting information. But conducting open-source intelligence research in-house runs the risk that a member of your firm could:
  • Accidentally interact with somebody
  • Identify the wrong person
  • Not find the correct information
  • Log on as themselves, putting the firm and the case at risk

What Sets Us Apart

SMI Aware Can Help

Partnering with SMI Aware ensures the research process delivers consistent, defensible open-source intelligence to assist your case. We help your firm save time and money.


A comprehensive search can take hours of your employee’s time, leading to a loss in productivity and reduced focus on other priorities. Our search methodologies control the process every step of the way to quickly deliver the data you need.


Many law firms lack the internal administrative team or expertise to handle open-source intelligence projects. Our transparent pricing and fixed costs help save you money while acquiring the valuable information you need.


Whether it is one case with 1,000 claimants or 100 smaller cases, you want a partner who can quickly source the relevant data. SMI Aware can search large numbers of individuals at scale cost-effectively and thoroughly.

We Are a Leader in Social Open-Source Intelligence

SMI Aware leads the industry by utilizing proprietary search technology combined with certified, in-house Analysts. Our proprietary software standardizes data sourcing from the social web, helping secure the chain of custody while ensuring compliance and uniformity. Our technology allows us to collect evidence from the internet and social media in an ethical and legally defensible way. We developed our software in-house in 2011 and continue to refine and improve it as technology and internet use evolve and change.

We Are an Extension of Your Team

At SMI Aware, we combine powerful technology with our in-house team of Analysts. Our Analysts have advanced degrees and experience in Intelligence Studies, many at the master’s degree level. They are under a confidentiality and secrecy agreement and have passed full credentialed background checks. The team is full-time, on-shore, salaried employees who understand the nuances of social media intelligence.

They use our proprietary software to identify and curate information that is valuable to your case while providing the benefits of independent 3rd party data collection. Information is refined into easy-to-read reports, providing a complete and accurate social web picture of a person or organization.

Our Analysts locate, capture, and preserve relevant social media evidence while complying with the highest standard of ethics and ensuring defensibility in court. They are committed to helping you save valuable employee time and resources while mitigating your risk. 

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