Free Webinar: Identifying the Five Types of Lies

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SMI is excited to partner again with Michael Reddington, Certified Forensic Interviewer and the Vice President of Executive Education for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, on a free educational webinar series for our clients. The goal of this three-part series, entitled “Disciplined Listening for Investigators,” is to help attendees improve their interviewing techniques, identify their opposition’s strategies, and influence the outcome of the interaction.

Identifying the Five Types of Lies

Being lied to is a fact of life.  Research suggests that we may be lied to as many as 200 times a day, and many people struggle to carry on a conversation for 10 minutes without telling a lie.

Our interview subjects will often choose their words very carefully as they shape the message they want us to receive. People will tell us the truth if we listen close enough.

The presenter of this webinar has pre-approved its content for 1-hour* of continuing education credit with the following professional organizations:

*Continuing education credit is only available to attendees of the live presentation and does not extend to any recordings of the webinar.

What Attendees Will Learn

We create strategic value when we systematically evaluate all of the verbal and non-verbal behavior we observe within the context of the situation for signs of comfort or discomfort, not honesty or dishonesty. When we consider how often we are likely lied to and how often with maintain relationships with people who have lied to us, we realize there is rarely any strategic value in simply identifying a lie.

Attendees will learn strategies from a Certified Forensic Interviewer that will help you :

  1. Strengthen rapport with a subject
  2. Adapt your questioning strategy
  3. Unlock the truth

This webinar will help attendees learn to analyze verbal behavior for clues hidden in: word choices, sentence structure, and delivery.
We will also discuss ways for investigators to identify the importance of these clues.

About the Presenter

Webinar Presenter: Michael Reddington, CFIMichael Reddington is a Certified Forensic Interviewer who has travelled the globe teaching non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to private sector investigators, law enforcement, government agents and human resources professionals.

His expertise as a Certified Forensic Interviewer and passion for new pursuits led him to establish Wicklander-Zulawki & Associates’ Executive Education Division which integrates interview and interrogation skills, strategies and techniques into business communication training and advisory services.

After leading hundreds of programs, training thousands of participants and speaking at several national conferences he continues to enjoy the opportunity to train and learn from private sector investigators, human resource professionals, educators, law enforcement officers, and federal agents. His energetic presentations are enhanced by the interviews and interrogations he conducts on behalf of clients in both the private and public sectors.

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