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Experts in the field of curated data collection, SMI Aware leads the industry by utilizing proprietary search technology combined with certified, in-house analysts. Our process standardizes the sourcing of data from the social web, helping secure the chain of custody, while ensuring compliance and uniformity. Our team ethically preserves and refines the data into easy to read reports, providing a complete and accurate social web picture of a person or organization. We’re committed to helping you save valuable employee time while mitigating your company risk.

Process, procedure, ethics, repeatability, quality of data, consistency, data integrity. This is what we stand for and what we bring to your firm.


Background screening, claims investigations, intelligence and due diligence, client intake, depositions, witness, jury selection, claimant information, claims management, class action, product liability, employment screening, litigation support, ediscovery, legal research, etc. 

Search Bias

Are you aware that Google and other search engines adjust results based upon the person performing the search? This means that results vary based upon the person entering the search history, location and other factors. SMI Aware solves this problem through our proprietary search technology combined with experts.

Private / Anonymous

Using a third party to search social media and the web is a best practice for several reasons. We make sure that the subject is not tipped off or alerted to the search. The subject can be alerted through algorithms that suggest connections or show past search history.


Evidence collected unethically does not stand up in a court of law. We represent ourselves and our clients in a manner that exemplifies our high standard of excellence while finding and preserving accurate evidence that is admissible in court.

SMI Aware’s proprietary technology controls the Web Discovery process to ensure that evidence collection complies with regulation and is sourced ethically. Our expert analysts go through a consistent, compliant, and complete process to deliver a controlled quality product with fast turnaround times and fixed costs.

Bread Crumbs

We document the results of every search. This means we can tell you how information was found, by what queries, keywords, and websites.

Chain of Custody

We have technology that collects and preserves any social media or website. This works by downloading the source code and metadata and then securing and time stamping the data. This allows us to authenticate the information while keeping the data defensible. Learn More

Ancillary Search

Many times, valuable information is located on the profiles, websites and blogs of people other than the subject. By using recursive search methods and a human plus technology approach, we are able to find valuable information from family, friends, and other connections. What you are looking for may not be on the subjects profiles/sites, it may be elsewhere.

In-Depth Analysis with Proprietary Technology + Human Intel

SMI Aware’s certified in-house analysts provide in depth analysis that takes accuracy to the next level by eliminating false positives and making decisions that ensure the highest quality of data. Automated search technology combined with a qualified human expert to verify is proven to be the optimum method for the most accurate results.

Save Time

Boost your productivity by using SMI Aware. Hours of your employee’s time can be lost searching online, many times unaware as to how much time is actually being dedicated to the search. This leads to a loss in productivity and reduced focus on other priorities. While a quick google search may only take a few minutes a comprehensive search takes hours.


We bring consistency to searching social media and the web. You can be confident that every search is being conducted to the same standard and quality. With SMI Aware you can be confident that every search meets the same standards.

Control the Process

Consistent search methods are essential to the outcome of your results. SMI Aware relies on well tested reliable search methodologies that control the process every step of the way which delivers confidence and security in every report, every time.

Data Security

Our commitment to our clients’ information security extends to the broader network that they serve. In line with our code of ethics, protecting the integrity of our investigations means protecting the data that is entrusted to our team.


Developed in house we have been building and improving our technology since 2011. The Tech/human approach allows us to leverage the best of automation and ensure that our analysts spend the majority of time on highly cognitive activity such as identification and analysis.


Founded in 2011, we are the longest-running social media evidence collection and preservation company. We are a leader in the industry and experts in the field of data collection and analysis. Our team of experienced analysts hold advanced degrees and are highly skilled in ethical investigation techniques, data analysis, and process control.

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