Meet the New Order Button

First time ordering? Forgot your password? No problem.

Data security is a priority for SMI Aware and we always strongly recommend that our clients/users utilize our secure app for placing orders. In an effort to continuously protect our clients/users’ information, we have created the SMI Aware quick access Order Button.

This new tool allows you to promptly begin the web-discovery process for your case. Given the time-sensitive nature of this task, we want to help you obtain information that could help win the case as soon as possible. By utilizing this tool, members of our existing clients’ firms can gain quick, hassle-free access to our secure ordering system.

SMI Aware Quick Access Order Button

How it Works

  • Step One

    Enter your name and work email address. This will allow us to verify that your firm has an account with SMI Aware. Once you are verified, you will be directed to the order landing page.

  • Step Two

    To start an order, please select between one of our products — Deep Report (Discovery) or Export (Preservation). Provide the information regarding your order request in the appropriate fields.

  • Step Three

    Once you submit your order, you will be prompted to set up a password. This will allow you to access your report once it is released and also to place orders in the future.

SMI Aware App, now with the New Order Button

Secure & Easy to Use

The SMI Aware Web App allows users to easily and securely share information about their subjects with our analysts. 

New to SMI Aware?

Schedule a time with our customer support team to learn more about our web app and products. It takes about 15 minutes to become a pro!

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