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Our certified Analysts locate and collect personal activity from the social web
– backed by our proprietary technology.

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SMI Aware is now on Relativity!

SMI Aware’s partnership with Relativity provides innovative solutions in the legal space by leveraging AI and human expertise. The integration allows any Relativity user to quickly access social media and web intelligence reports on-demand, without any subscriptions or commitments.

Read our blog post to learn more about the benefits of Relativity for your firm.

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Leading Technology

Since 2011, SMI has been developing an industry leading software platform for online data collection and reporting.

  • Search technology- Proprietary technology and best practices allow SMI to collect information from social media, search engines, and the deep web. The process is consistent and repeatable, so you can be assured that a universal standard is being applied to every search.
  • Digital chain of custody- All intelligence gathered during an investigation is secured on our cloud based servers. So authenticity of your digital evidence is defensible.
  • Analyst Workspace- Our investement in technology and commitment to contiuous improvement have provided productivity tools to our Analysts. Greater efficiency leads to superior Analyst productivity and makes our product quality repeatable at a predictiable cost.
  • API integration- SMI’s RESTful API generates requests for analyst-supported reports, then automatically returns your completed Deep Reports and Exports

Managed Services

Unlike other vendors, which may outsource or subcontract your investigation, SMI employs a team of full-time analysts that work from our offices in Pittsburgh. Our analysts will become an extension of your organization’s internal staff.

  • SMI analysts are social media intelligence experts. Our analysts come from prestigious university programs known for producing intelligence analysts and are board-certified social media intelligence experts (CSMIE) by the McAfee Institute.
  • SMI clients have direct access to the analyst that completed their investigation. The in-house analyst who curated your report is available via phone or email to answer any questions you may have about their findings.
  • SMI offers industry-best turnaround on all of our products. We pride ourselves on our ability to conduct comprehensive investigations with great efficiency.
  • SMI’s code of ethics ensures the highest standard of excellence. Our code of ethics dictates what our analysts will and won’t do while conducting investigations and ensures the defensibility of any evidence discovered.

The SMI Research Bundle

Deep Report


  • 3-5 Business Days
  • Analyst Summary
  • Active Hyperlinks
  • Screen Captures
  • Custom Investigation
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  • 3-5 Business Day
  • Searchable PDF
  • Timestamps
  • defensible evidence
  • HTML & Metadata
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Learn how SMI can help your organization.

Social activities of any subject compiled into one actionable report. Schedule an appointment with one of our team members to learn how SMI can help your organization.

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Deep Report

Comprehensive Investigation Report - Image of multi-page report behind PDF icon.

Stop sorting through false positives. Let our expert social media analysts provide you simple, easy-to-read reports that provide a complete picture of the person or organization in question.

Go Deeper with Expert Analysis

The Deep Report contains information from social media, search engines, and the deep web. Once relevant information has been verified by one of SMI’s trained analysts, it is attached with the last known URL and a screen capture of the first few pages of the searched site or service.

  • Can the analysts customize the investigation to fit the scope of my investigation? Yes, our analysts will tailor their investigation to gather findings relevant to your investigation.
  • What information does one need to begin a Deep Report? The more information provided at the outset, the more accurate and in-depth your report will be. You can read a list of identifiers on our blog.
  • Is a Deep Report investigation limited to social media research? While every investigation is unique, our analysts are capable of investigating more than social media networks, including: mobile native apps, online communities, search engine indexed content, non-indexed content / deep web, wearables and IOT devices.
  • Do you offer expedited service for Deep Reports? Yes, expedited service is available upon request; standard turnaround for a Deep Report is 3-5 business days.


Digital Evidence Preservation Product - Image of multiple webpages behind a database icon.

The internet changes constantly. Don’t risk losing critical evidence that could make or break your case. Save offline, (CTRL-F) searchable versions of almost any social media profile or webpage.

Preserve Evidence Before It Disappears

The Export archives social media profiles and other website as searchable, offline PDFs which can be uploaded to many popular eDiscovery platforms.

  • What types of information can the Export preserve? We can provide archivable information for most pages and services on the internet. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Exports often have the largest amount of useful content, we are able to capture information from almost any website on the internet – including blogs and restaurant reviews.
  • Are you able to export individual images and videos? Yes, we are able to archive individual images and videos.
  • Do you offer expedited service for Exports? Yes, Exports can be expedited to same-day service upon request. The standard turnaround for an Export is 3-5 business days.

Did You Know? Screenshots are Not Defensible.

The SMI Export is a comprehensive preservation tool that archives more than just images from a social media profile or webpage – which can be altered. With an Export, SMI’s analysts capture more than just screenshots; we quarantine HTML and metadata from the source code on our secure servers. You can read more about our social media preservation process on our blog.

Traditional Screenshot

SMI Export

Periodic Monitoring

Targeted Social Media Monitoring - Image of multi-page report behind stopwatch icon.

Whether it’s in support of a deposition or tracking a jury’s sentiment, periodic monitoring can provide continued insight into a subject (or multiple subjects) social media activities.

Continued Social Media Tracking

Periodic Monitoring utilizes an initial Deep Report investigation as the baseline for tracking a subjects social media activity on set intervals.

  • Can a monitoring plan be customized to our needs? All monitoring plans begin with a Deep Report investigation which has been tailored to the scope of your investigation. During re-runs, our analysts check the subjects’ social media profiles against a customized search string which utilize their unique personal identifiers and case-specific keywords.
  • How often does social media monitoring occur? Periodic Monitoring can occur in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.
  • What happens if / when the analysts discover relevant information? After identifying relevant information, our analysts will alert you to its existence and Export the source of the information.

Employment Report

FCRA-Compliant Screening - Image of multi-page report behind PDF icon.

Most companies admit to searching social media during the hiring process but they do it inconsistently which may be unintentionally discriminatory. SMI provides Consumer Reporting Agencies with FCRA-compliant reports which can aid HR professionals in identifying the right candidate.

FCRA-Compliant Social Media Screening

The Employment Report is intended to provide a summary view of the internet activities of potential employees in a uniform manner which is FCRA-compliant. (For a more comprehensive investigation, see the Deep Report.)

  • What does the Employment include? The Employment Report provides a list of the subject’s profiles on major social media platforms, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Our trained analysts verify the subject’s identity with no less than three identifiers and remove false positive results.
  • What happens in the event of a dispute? SMI has a dispute resolution procedure in accordance with FCRA-compliance.
  • Do you offer expedited service for Employment Reports? As Employment Reports are generally conducted in bulk quantities, we do not advertise turnaround times for this product. If you have questions about a specific project, please contact us for more information.

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With nearly two-thirds of adults sharing information on social media, there’s a good chance that information relevant to your investigation is available – if you can find it.

Learn how your organization can utilize social media information.

Speak with one of our team members to learn how SMI can help your organization locate, investigate and preserve crucial evidence from webpages and social media platforms.

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