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Features and Benefits Deep Report Export Report Research Bundle
Collect Scope Data
Preserve Data
Secures Chain of Custody
Positive Subject Identification

Deep Report - Discovery & Analysis

The Deep Report is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the internet activities of a person or company. Using proprietary search technology and the extensive toolkit employed by our analysts, the report will positively identify the subject and discover actionable answers to specific questions provided by the scope of the request.


  • Claimant Reviews
  • Client Intake
  • Date of Loss Incidents
  • Depositions
  • Diligence
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Labor & Employment Conduct Reviews
  • Lifestyle and Character Background
  • Personal Injury Timelines

Export - Collection & Preservation

The Export archives source code and metadata, establishes a digital chain of custody, and timestamps and preserves the information on SMI servers and collects social media evidence in accordance with the Federal Rules of Evidence for proper digital authentication. Because the internet is constantly changing, an Export guarantees critical evidence is preserved and safeguards against alterations and deletions by the owner.

Digital Chain of Custody

Research Bundle - The Best of Both

Our Research Bundle is the best of both the Deep Report and the Export. Our analysts will produce both a comprehensive overview of your scope-related subject and up to three Exports. Your results will be both defensible and thoroughly depicted by our analysts.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a customizable option? Contact us to create a solution for your unique case.


  • Jury Selection Reports
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Adverse Media Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports