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Deep Report

Go Deeper with Expert Analysis​


Preserve Evidence Before It Disappears

Deep Report

Go Deeper with Expert Analysis

The Deep Report illustrates a subject’s total online presence including social media, search engines, and the deep web tailored to your investigation.

The Deep Report contains information from social media, search engines, and the deep web. Once the relevant information has been verified by one of SMI’s trained analysts, it is attached with the last known URL and a screen capture of the first few pages of the searched site or service.

Yes, our analysts will tailor their investigation to gather findings relevant to your investigation.

The more information provided at the outset, the more accurate and in-depth your report will be. At a minimum we need: name, date of birth, and address. 

While every investigation is unique, our analysts are capable of investigating more than social media networks, including mobile native apps, online communities, search engine indexed content, non-indexed content / deep web, wearables, and IoT devices.

Yes, expedited service is available upon request; standard turnaround for a Deep Report is 2 business days.

Stop sorting through false positives. Let our expert social media analysts provide you simple, easy-to-read reports that provide a complete profile of the person or organization in question.


Preserve Evidence Before It Disappears

The Export archives social media profiles and other websites as searchable, offline PDFs which can be uploaded to many popular eDiscovery platforms.

We can provide archivable information for most pages and services on the internet. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Exports often have the largest amount of useful content, we are able to capture information from almost any website on the internet – including blogs and restaurant reviews.
Yes, we are able to archive individual images and videos.

Yes, Exports can be expedited to same-day service upon request. The standard turnaround for an Export is 2 business days.

The internet changes constantly. Don’t risk losing critical evidence that could make or break your case. Save offline, (CTRL-F) searchable versions of almost any social media profile or webpage.

Research Bundle

The Research Bundle combines the Deep Report and Export products. This combined product offers clients 3 exports typically, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but can be any 3 sites of significance. If we do not find these sites, you will only pay for the Deep Report. If other sites are found you can add them as well at an additional cost.

Custom Projects

SMI Aware offers a customized support option to meet the needs of your project. In addition to large volume custom requests, we provide litigation support, class action support, deposition screening, expert witnesses and jury selection.

Are you preparing for litigation, and expect that you will need to collect defensible online media evidence?

The time to request a report is now while the information may still be accessed online. Every hour you wait provides more time for your subject to prevent you from collecting the web and social media evidence you need to make your case.

Examples of our recent custom project work

  • A medical device company required SMI Aware’s expertise with 500 claimants on a project with an aggressive turnaround time. SMI Aware delivered within an agreed-upon timeframe and custom price point.
  • A national restaurant chain was involved in a wage litigation dispute. SMI Aware located the resumes and employment information and verified all job descriptions needed for the case.
  • A Pacific Northwest law firm went to trial in a personal injury lawsuit. The case revolved around a traffic accident involving the plaintiff and a commercial vehicle that was insured by the company the law firm was representing. The plaintiff alleged that the injuries they incurred in the accident prevented them from finding employment, traveling, and living an active lifestyle. The plaintiff’s attorneys were seeking that the insurance company pay a $1M settlement. The law firm noticed inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s story and asked SMI Aware to locate any evidence on their social media profiles which would refute the lawsuit’s claims. Despite the use of an alias, SMI Aware analysts were able to locate Facebook and Instagram accounts which could be positively attributed to the plaintiff.


Our pricing structure is designed to provide the best value for the services you need. Learn more about the pricing for our services and how SMI Aware can help you discover and preserve online information for your investigations.

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