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Discover & Preserve Online Evidence

Social Media and Web Discovery risks are hidden under the surface.
SMI Aware leverages expertise to support legal professionals in several ways:

  • Discovery and preservation of web data for all types of matters combining BOTH proprietary technology and certified analysts.
  • Mitigate risks associated with this type of discovery through internal policy development, researcher training programs, and complimentary CLE offerings.
  • Providing a full suite of litigation support services for affidavits, expert testimony, jury selection reports and customized reports for complex litigation.

We provide comprehensive social media and web intelligence solutions, placing a high value on compliance and ethics to ensure the legal defensibility of all data we collect and preserve.

Use Cases

The nation’s top law firms trust SMI to locate, investigate, and preserve critical social media evidence necessary for every stage, in every type, of litigation.
  • Client Intake
  • Due Diligence
  • Conflicts
  • Business Relationships
  • Depositions
  • Expert Witness
  • Jury Selection
  • Product Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment
  • Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Anytime you need information about a person or business
Use Cases
Independent Analysts

Direct Access to Independant Analysts

Our certified social media experts find evidence, so you don’t end up on the witness stand. With full-time analysts in-house, we are an extension of your firm’s internal staff.

  • Expert: Our analysts come from prestigious university programs known for producing intelligence analysts and are board-certified social media intelligence experts (CSMIE) by the McAfee Institute.
  • In-House: Unlike other vendors, we do not outsource or subcontract your investigations. When you work with SMI, we guarantee that your investigation is completed by a trained professional whose sole focus is online intelligence.
  • Ethical: SMI’s code of ethics ensures excellence and the defensibility of any evidence discovered.
  • Available: The analyst who curated your report is available to answer any questions about their findings. SMI is also able to complete affidavits or provide testimony in support of evidence we collected.

Custom Investigations with No Ongoing Fees

Tailor our research, evidence collection, and documentation to satisfy any case or firm standards.

  • File formats: Export reports into Microsoft Word, PDF, rich text, and more.
  • Document options: White-label our reports with your logo to match your firm’s branding or retain the SMI branding to show that the information was sourced by an independent third party.
  • Fixed, transactional pricing: With no subscriptions or retainer fees, you only pay on a case-by-case basis. Generate a coded invoice for every investigation and submit to any accounting email for smooth billing.
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