New Export Bundling & Pricing

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With continued development of our popular Export product, we have been able to lower the price for our customers.

We have cut the price for exports in half, from $100 to $50. This is the price for all standard Exports of social media profiles, blogs, small business websites and other webpages.

In addition to lowering the price, we created Export Bundling as a way for customers to save time and money by ordering Exports and Deep or Social Reports at the same time.

With Export Bundling, if you choose to pre-authorize exports, we will charge you $50 for up to three of our most common exports: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if we find any of them for your subject). If we do not find any of these accounts for your subject, you will only be charged standard Deep or Social Report pricing.

By taking advantage of our Export Bundling deal, you ensure that our analysts can save your evidence as quickly as possible. Social media content can be deleted or hidden in a matter of hours, and once it’s gone there is very little that can be done to recover it. In several cases, customers have asked us to Export profiles that we located in a Deep Report, only to find that in the time it took them to review the Deep Report, decide to Export the page and then contact us with the request, the entire Facebook profiles had been taken down. Export Bundling streamlines the ordering process and gives you the best chance at preserving key profiles.

We love to hear feedback, so if you have any questions about our pricing or comments on how we can continue to improve our products, please contact us at or (888) 299-9921. If you prefer, feel free to fill out our customer feedback survey.