Exports: Preserve Social Media Evidence

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Export Social Media Evidence

Social Media Information (SMI) is proud to officially release its improved Export product!

With Exports, SMI preserves social media profiles and other websites as searchable, offline PDFs that can be stored with the rest of your case files.

Enormous amounts of social media content can be added in minutes, but it can be taken down just as quickly. Don’t risk losing access to critical evidence that could make or break your case.

SMI Exports are:

Easy to print and share


Fully searchable with functional hyperlinks for easy analysis

Bookmarked for easy navigation
A secure third-party resource

Admissible in court

This solution does not require you to learn any new software. Simply send us a url and we will send you a complete Export of the webpage or social media profile. We can also identify your subject’s social media profiles through a Deep Report or Social Report.

Types of Exports

Facebook Exports, Twitter Exports and Instagram Exports often have the largest amount of useful content, but we are able to capture almost any site on the internet, from blogs to restaurant review sites.


Includes the complete Timeline (with fully expanded posts and comments), About, Friends, Photos, Groups, Likes and Reviews

Includes all Tweets, Following, Followers and Favorites

Includes entire Background, Connections, Groups and Following

Includes all Posts, Followers and Following
Additional Web Pages

Captures and archives public content on blogs, review sites, personal websites and other webpages

Exports are $50 per website or social media profile.

We are also able to download videos at a cost of 10 videos for $50.

New Bundle Pricing: When you pre-authorize our Top 3 Exports package with a Deep or Social Report, the cost is only $50 if we find Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Turnaround Time

Exports are typically available in 1-3 business days.


SMI can update Exports to show newly posted content for a reduced price. We offer daily, weekly and monthly monitoring, as well as one-time updates. Contact us for pricing information for monitoring.

Admissibility in Court

SMI’s Exports are frequently submitted as evidence in court. SMI maintains digital chain of custody for all Exports and we store all original files on our secure servers.

Stop wasting your time screenshotting and expanding Facebook comments. Log in or sign up to order an Export.