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SMI Aware helps the legal teams found in a vast arena of different situations. These legal teams are sometimes in-house at the enterprise level, such as when we helped a fast-food chain defend itself against an employee class-action lawsuit.

Sometimes these legal teams are on retainer to insurance companies defending themselves against fraud.

While SMI Aware works directly with legal teams, we are often brought in by a companies leadership. This is because SMI Aware has the leading proprietary technology that allows us to collect evidence from around the internet and social media in an ethical and legally defensible way. This is not something the vast majority of legal teams can do.

The internet is a web of complexity. Most legal admins don’t have the training or the tools to gather evidence from the web that will stand up in court.

If you are interested in this service, keep reading, we have case studies, use cases and evidence on this page and throughout the website for you.

How We Work with Legal Teams

SMI Aware experts are frequently asked about the defensibility of social media evidence in court and whether it is lawful to obtain this type of content. According to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys are expected to utilize technology, including social media, to provide competent and diligent representation to a client. Researching the online public presence of potential parties, witnesses, even your client should be standard practice when preparing a complaint or conducting due diligence in anticipation of litigation. If the initial search revealed extensive social media content, using SMI Aware monitoring services is ideal to regularly collect potential new evidence, as well as update the search for significant case activities (mediations, depositions, trial, and more).

When it comes to the admissibility of social media evidence, the key is to make sure that you are accessing the information in a permissible manner. Generally, a lawyer investigating a case may access the public portions of an individual’s social media account and try to identify whether any of their social media profiles may contain evidence relevant to the case. One must also consider the applicable ethics rules for conducting pre-litigation investigations. Specifically, it is inappropriate and unethical to bypass privacy settings or “friend” someone to gain access to private or non-public portions of the subject’s account. Moreover, this type of conduct can eliminate the admissibility of social media evidence in court.

Legal teams must conduct ethical and compliant social media evidence collection, and partnering with SMI Aware ensures the admissibility of social media evidence in court. SMI Aware’s team of certified analysts utilize our proprietary technology to search social media, search engines, and the deep web. Our in-house analysts locate, capture, and preserve the social media evidence that evades most investigators while complying with the highest standard of ethics and ensuring defensibility in court.

Why Work with SMI Aware?

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Is Your Company Facing Legal Issues?

SMI Aware has been used to defend Class Actions against Consumer Products, E-Cigarettes, Medical Devices, and others.

We provided support to the defense side of more than 10 Product Liability Class Actions in 2019.

Many in-house law firms, while fantastic at what they do, don’t have the processes in place to conduct social media investigations against accusers in an ethical and legally defensible way.

SMI Aware can accurately search the vast depths of the internet and navigate the complexity of social media. We employ a team of experts in the field of curated data collection.

SMI Aware leads the industry by utilizing proprietary search technology combined with certified, in-house analysis.

SMI Aware ethically preserves and refines data in easy to read reports, providing a complete and accurate social web profile of a person or organization, thereby saving valuable employee time and mitigating your company risk.

Why Work with SMI Aware?

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Have you noticed inconsistencies in your Claimants Story?

When someone is injured, they are entitled to compensation from their insurer; however defense is crucial against fraud. At SMI Aware we have:

Being an insurance provider, you probably have an in house counsel or retained council. At SMI Aware, we work with Law firms every day. We exist to serve them in the space of legal and ethical internet investigations.

Below you will find a recent case where we helped prevent a 1 million dollar settlement from an insurance company.

Why Work with SMI Aware?

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