Why do “in house” social media investigations put your firm at risk?

One of the biggest mistakes that your law firm can make is doing social media investigations “in house” without the proper expertise.

Recently, a prominent law firm was charged with an ethics violation because someone at the firm sent a friend request to opposing party. The law firm didn’t mean to violate the rules, but it happened inadvertently due to lack of oversight. And this is just one of the many big risks that can happen when your law firm does social media investigations in house.

A better solution would be to outsource your social media investigations to a trusted provider who has been fully trained on the ethics rules, such as SMI Aware.

SMI Aware doesn’t send friend requests. They leverage their own proprietary technology to make sure that social media evidence is collected compliant manner and will be defensible in court. Don’t put your law firm at risk, make sure that you delegate your social media investigations to a trusted provider. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next search.

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