Practice Group Leader Challenge 3: Oversight and Accountability

One major issue that every practice group leader faces is oversight and accountability for their team. Our attorneys and staff help us to execute our strategies and win our cases for our clients, but we always can’t be looking over their shoulder to see exactly how they’re doing their work.

However, complying with the ethics rules when doing social media and online investigations is absolutely critical because if a member of your team finds smoking gun evidence on social media but hasn’t followed the ethics rules when doing so, it can put you, your client, and your law firm in jeopardy.

So how can you effectively oversee and manage your team while also making sure you collect online evidence in a way that complies with all the ethics rules? That answer is easy. It’s working with SMI Aware.

SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts have been trained on all the legal ethics rules when it comes to searching, collecting, preserving, and creating a chain of custody for online evidence. This gives you and your law firm peace of mind that you can oversee your team with confidence knowing that they’re executing the right litigation strategies while SMI Aware collects all the key social media and online evidence.

Contact us today to see how we can help your law firm with overseeing and managing the social media investigation process in the right way, time and time again.