Is your law firm searching each potential class action claimant

There’s no question that in class action litigation, the number of valid claimants matters. Does your law firm search each and every one of the potential claimants to see if they’re a valid member of the class?

Many law firms fail to do so because it’s time-consuming for their attorneys, paralegals, and staff to search the hundreds, if not thousands, of potential class members to see if they actually qualify for the class.  However, the more that your law firm can whittle down the potential class members only to those who have a valid claim to be in a class, the more likely that your law firm can reach a favorable settlement in class action litigation and decrease your client’s projected payout.

Your law firm needs to work with a trusted provider who can investigate online and social media evidence to shrink down the class as much as possible. And that’s SMI Aware.

SMI Aware’s team of independent social media and online investigation experts can review potential class members and flag those who do not qualify for the class, thereby putting your client in a better position to reach a favorable settlement.

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