Is Your Law Firm Properly Scaling Its Social Media Investigations?

If your law firm has dozens or hundreds of attorneys and staff, it’s hard to stay on top of everyone. One of the litigation strategies that often falls through the cracks is social media investigations. As attorneys, our duty of competence in today’s day and age extends to searching for relevant electronically stored information wherever it can be found, and that includes social media. So, your law firm needs to be able to scale its social media investigations across every case for all your attorneys and staff. SMI Aware can help.

SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts will scour the internet and social media to collect and preserve all the relevant social media and electronic evidence that you need to defend or prosecute your cases. They’ll leverage their proprietary technology to make sure that all of your searches are done in an ethically compliable manner that will be defensible in court.

Best of all, SMI Aware is a cost-effective solution that you can easily scale across all of the cases at your firm. See for yourself. Visit today to see how they can help your law firm scale its social media investigations.

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