How do you help with complex litigation cases?

Another question we get all the time is “how does SMI Aware help with complex litigation cases?” You see, when you have a complex case, there is a lot of strategy, motion practice, and hearings involved, but there also needs to be a ton of social media and online investigations into opposing parties, witnesses, and relevant third parties. And, it’s on your law firm to handle it all. How do you decide where to focus your time, energy and effort?

That’s where SMI Aware comes in. SMI Aware can do the heavy lifting for your law firm to make sure that your have all the social media and online evidence that you need to defend your case, while your attorneys and paralegals focus their time, energy and effort on case strategy, motion practice, and winning the case for your client. Working with SMI Aware gives your law firm a one-two punch to make sure that you can handle any of the complex litigation cases that come across your desk with success. Just visit to learn how they can help support you in your next complex litigation case.

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