How can SMI Aware help your law firm litigate its next NFT case?

When it comes to NFT litigation, there are two main strategies that need to be executed. The first is the case strategy to prepare and prosecute an intellectual property infringement case against someone who’s selling digital copies of your client’s artwork or intellectual property. And the second strategy is to locate and preserve these digital assets across the web to help protect your client’s rights.

And the key to executing these strategies is to divide and conquer.

By having your law firm focus on what you do best, which is preparing the case strategy to win that intellectual property infringement matter and having SMI Aware locate and preserve all the digital evidence that you need in a defensible manner, you’ll have the right one-two punch to help protect your client from NFT infringement across the web.

Contact us today to see how we can help your law firm become a leader in the NFT space.

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