Does your law firm use screenshots of online evidence?

All too often, private messages on social media are the “smoking gun” evidence that your law firm needs to defend its case. But time and time again, judges and magistrates are rejecting screenshots as a form of online evidence because they don’t contain the necessary metadata and therefore can’t be authenticated as true evidence in court.

Your law firm needs to work with a trusted provider that knows how to collect social media evidence in a way that establishes the proper chain of custody and has the metadata to make sure that your online evidence is admissible in court. And that’s SMI Aware.

SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts has been trained on how to collect online evidence and the metadata in a way that’s going to be admissible in court and help your law firm win its case. Don’t rely on screenshots alone. Work with a trusted provider like SMI Aware.

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