Can your law firm scale its social media investigations in MDL cases?

When it comes to MDL litigation, your law firm is likely managing dozens – if not hundreds of cases at once. Each case requires significant time and attention, and social media investigations are no exception. Are you sure that your law firm is properly scaling its social media searches to make sure you’re getting correct and consistent results every single time?

If not, you need to work with SMI Aware. Our team of independent social media investigation experts can scale your social media investigations in every case to make sure they’re done consistently and correctly every time. We leverage our proprietary software to make sure that each and every investigation is tailored to the unique issues in your case. Our results are consistent, yet scalable, through predictable pricing. In other words, SMI Aware is your complete outsourcing solution for all things social media searches and investigations.

If you are ready to scale your law firm’s social media investigations, then you deserve to work with SMI Aware. Contact us today.

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