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Our ​​comprehensive solution combines powerful technology with expert analysts to help law firms/the legal industry discover, analyze, and preserve information from social media and the web.

SMI Aware leads the industry by utilizing proprietary search technology combined with certified, in-house analysts. Our process standardizes the sourcing of data from the social web, helping secure the chain of custody while ensuring compliance and uniformity. Our team ethically preserves and refines the data into easy-to-read reports, providing a complete and accurate social web picture of a person or organization. We’re committed to helping you save valuable employee time while mitigating your company risk.

We are a leader in social open-source intelligence.

We combine powerful technology with expert analysts

Our proprietary technology allows us to collect evidence from the internet and social media in an ethical and legally defensible way. We developed our software in-house in 2011 and we continue to refine and improve it as technology and the use of the internet evolve and change.

That technology is combined with our in-house team of Analysts. Info on their backgrounds and credentials.

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