Web Discovery You Can TRUST

The risks associated with social media and web discovery are unknown to most professionals. Collecting information using social media or web data can expose your firm to unnecessary risk and add hidden costs to your operations. SMI Aware brings expertise in social media discovery and online evidence collection to the legal and insurance markets to help eliminate those risks.

  • False Positives
  • Tampering of evidence
  • Tipping-off the subject
  • Unethical Collections

SMI Aware’s technology controls the Web Discovery process to ensure that evidence collection complies with regulation and is sourced ethically. Our expert analysts go through a consistent, compliant, and complete process to deliver standardized products with fast turnaround times, and fixed costs.

Our comprehensive intelligence reports give legal professionals a competitive edge and the peace of mind of knowing that all web data relevant to their case has been evaluated.

The SMI Code of Ethics

Evidence collected unethically does not stand up in a court of law. We represent ourselves and our clients in a manner that exemplifies our high standard of excellence while finding and preserving accurate evidence that is admissible in court.

SMI Aware Will:

  • Maintain Data Security

    SMI will safeguard, by all possible means, the data collected during your investigation and stored on our private servers.

  • Comply with Laws & Regulations

    SMI and its employees will comply with the lawful orders of the courts, and will testify to matters truthfully and without bias or prejudice.

  • Conduct Unbiased Investigation

    SMI analysts follow the same standard operating procedures regardless of the nature of the investigation.

  • Accurately Identify the Subject

    SMI analysts will use available traditional and electronic identifiers to positively verify ownership of a social media account or other online presence.

  • Conduct Anonymous Investigations

    SMI analysts will utilize proprietary techniques to protect your investigation from being discovered (i.e. the subject won’t be alerted to the investigation and change privacy settings or remove incriminating evidence).

SMI Aware Will Not:

  • Engage in Unethical Conduct

    SMI and its employees won’t engage in illegal or unethical conduct, or any activity which would be constitute a conflict of interest.

  • Hack Social Networks

    SMI analysts won’t hack a subject’s password to circumvent network safeguards or gain access to information which is not in the public forum.

  • Interact with Subject

    SMI analysts won’t interact with the subject of an investigation (e.g. they do not send friend requests to gain access to protected information).

  • Break Client Confidentiality

    SMI will not share information about our clients (e.g. your logo won’t appear on any of our marketing materials) and our analysts will not share information about investigations with third parties.

  • Outsource Your Investigation

    SMI will not allow subcontractors to conduct investigations or gather evidence (i.e. only SMI analysts are tasked with your investigation).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how our analysts conduct investigations. One of our team members will be happy to address any of your concerns.

Company History

SMI is the longest-running social media evidence collection and preservation company, founded on the proprietary technology that enables us to locate, export, and preserve information from social media, search engines, public records, and the deep web. We help legal professionals, insurance claims investigators, private investigators, government agencies and financial institutions find and analyze web-based evidence for use in due diligence collection, background checks, fraud investigation, and criminal cases.

SMI was founded in 2011 to provide essential social media intelligence to the background screening industry. The team had experience in quality, continuous improvement, web search, background screening, operational management, sales, and startups. They quickly built a social media and web search engine and began added additional capabilities based upon market feedback.

While building a customer base of pre-employment background screening companies and financial institutions SMI began to receive calls from licensed investigators, law firms, and insurance companies looking to use the search product for their cases.

This growing customer base had a different need; curated reports. They wanted the data that SMI’s technology was able to locate, but vetted by an analyst in a ready to use format. To meet customer demand, SMI transformed into managed services company with a team of certified analysts who operate the proprietary technology in house to produce custom, curated reports.

Listening to customer requests for preserved, defensible social media evidence, SMI created the Export product as a complete capture of web-based information that Is authenticated and defensible. SMI continues to evolve our proprietary software so our growing team of in-house analysts can extract, preserve information from evolving and emerging social networks. SMI now services a range of clients with similar needs and we would like to help you too.

SMI Professional Associations

SMI is a proud member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
SMI is a proud member of the Legal Technology Professionals Institute
SMI is a proud subscriber to the EDRM Model Code of Conduct.
SMI is a proud member of the American Society for Industrial Security
SMI is a proud member of the Society for Human Resource Management