Defending a Vaping Company Against a Class Action Lawsuit

man vaping


A prominent vaping company was involved in a class-action lawsuit, and SMI Aware was hired to research subjects’ online presence and authenticate any web or social media content related to the claim outlined in the action. SMI Aware provided all news articles that relate to the lawsuit with the client as well as content that is directly related to the use of the product.

SMI Aware included general use, misuse, modifications, and illegal or prohibited drug use with the product. SMI Aware provided any previous medical condition (i.e. asthma) and any mention of previous drug use.

Keywords that SMI Aware specifically focused on; included the name of the product, Smoke, Vape, Weed, Marijuana, Tobacco, THC, Nicotine, Drugs, High, Mods/Modify/Modifications, Carts/Cartridge, Atty/Atomizer, e-Juice/e-liquid, Coil, Wick, Disease, Condition, and Medical.

Analyst Findings

One subject was seen referencing the use & consumption of “tko carts”, dab pens, and marijuana via his Reddit profile. The subject also appears to mention the recreational use of cough medicine, otherwise known as “Triple C”. This information was compiled as the law firm was in search of the misuse of their vaping devices, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers. The subject clearly advertises that misuse, along with the utilization and consumption of marijuana.

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