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Disciplined Listening for Investigators - Three women sitting in an interview.

Due Diligence in Private Equity Transactions

Performing sub-par due diligence can create a devastating financial blow to a client. For a northeast regional law firm, partnering with SMI Aware saved millions …

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Case Study 0347 - Two hikers walking along a trail.

Case Study: 0347 – How Social Media Evidence Avoided a $1M Settlement

Defense Seeks Evidence of Physical Activity in Civil Lawsuit Market: Legal Client: Regional Law Firm Service: Social Media Investigation, Preservation, Litigation Support, Expert Witness Challenge When a regional …

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Case Study 0260 - Professional cyclist ride along a section of road.

Case Study: 0260 – Investigator Seeks Social Media Link in Steroids Case

Market: Intelligence Client: Licensed Investigator Service: Social Media Investigation, Preservation Challenge After exhausting their budget on traditional methods of surveillance, a Florida-based private investigation firm realized that information shared on …

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Case Study 0015 - Hamburger and fries in a red basket.

Case Study: 0015 – National Fast-Food Chain Faces Class Action Lawsuit

National Fast-Food Chain Faces Class Action Lawsuit Market: Legal Client: National Law Firm Service: Litigation Support Challenge When a national fast-food chain faced a class action …

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