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Karate Class

After Claiming That He Couldn’t Work Because of an Injury at Work, the Deep Report Uncovered That the Subject Wasn’t Hurt

Scope The subject claimed that he could no longer work as a karate instructor because of a broken foot. SMI Aware was hired to look …

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Supports Defense of Greyhound in Lawsuit

Social Media Deep Report Supports Defense of National Bus Company in Lawsuit

the search uncovered numerous criminal charges for terroristic threats, possessing a controlled substance, imminent danger… Scope The subject is suing a national bus company for …

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gang activity

Search Uncovered Large Amount of Illegal Activity on Social Media

the subject shared three videos showing himself driving while recording himself with heavy firearms in the passenger seat making threats at various individuals and the …

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faking neck injury

Social Media Report Reveals That Injury Was Not as Serious as Lawsuit Alleges

Scope The subject is a Nanny and Housekeeper who claimed she was injured in a minor rear-end accident in Wilton, CT on January 8th, 2018, …

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young gymnast

Investigating the Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Litigation Case

The plaintiff is a gymnast who suffered a left arm fracture on October 22, 2016, at the Defendant’s dance and gymnastics facility. The defendant believed …

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stunt dancer

Defending a Worker’s Compensation Claim About a Knee Injury

Scope The subject was a stunt dancer for the insured from August 2017 to August 2018. In September 2019, the subject filed a workers’ compensation …

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Disciplined Listening for Investigators - Three women sitting in an interview.

Due Diligence in Private Equity Transactions

Performing sub-par due diligence can create a devastating financial blow to a client. For a northeast regional law firm, partnering with SMI Aware saved millions …

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Case Study 0347 - Two hikers walking along a trail.

Case Study: 0347 – How Social Media Evidence Avoided a $1M Settlement

Defense Seeks Evidence of Physical Activity in Civil Lawsuit Market: Legal Client: Regional Law Firm Service: Social Media Investigation, Preservation, Litigation Support, Expert Witness Challenge When a regional …

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Case Study 0260 - Professional cyclist ride along a section of road.

Case Study: 0260 – Investigator Seeks Social Media Link in Steroids Case

Market: Intelligence Client: Licensed Investigator Service: Social Media Investigation, Preservation Challenge After exhausting their budget on traditional methods of surveillance, a Florida-based private investigation firm realized that information shared on …

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Case Study 0015 - Hamburger and fries in a red basket.

Case Study: 0015 – National Fast-Food Chain Faces Class Action Lawsuit

National Fast-Food Chain Faces Class Action Lawsuit Market: Legal Client: National Law Firm Service: Litigation Support Challenge When a national fast-food chain faced a class action …

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