Workers Compensation Fraud & Social Media

Workers Compensation claims are serious and should be treated as such. Fraudulent workers compensation claims are costly to both companies and the individuals that have legitimate claims. That is why it is so important to verify legitimacy in all cases. SMI can help with this process by providing SOSINT reports. A SOSINT report contains information from Social Media, Search Engines, and the Deep Web. This information while readily available can be overwhelming and cumbersome to process into actionable data.

For instance, Johnson’s Warehouse Showroom and National Union Fire Insurance in Arkansas found evidence on a public Facebook profile that help identify a fraudulent workers comp claim. They had already paid for Clement’s medical expenses and about two years worth of temporary disability benefits. This loss could have been prevented had SMI’s Three A’s of Social Research been utilized, since the inception of the claim.

Since 2011 SMI has helped organizations manage risk through understanding Social Open Source Intelligence (SOSINT). SMI is dedicated to developing technology and utilizing highly specialized analysts to deliver high quality SOSINT-based reports to customers in a variety of industries. Visit our website to learn more or sign up now, because no investigation is complete without actionable SOSINT data.

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