What is Your Social Media Research Solution Missing?

What Is Your Social Media Investigation Solution Missing? - Two women standing behind a computer monitor.

As a busy legal professional, you are aware of the value of social media evidence. What might come as a surprise, however, is that there are significant drawbacks to conducting your own social media research – even if your firm uses a subscription service to preserve the evidence.

  • Did you know that conducting your own investigations could be costing your firm revenue?
  • Can you be certain that an associate operating a SAAS product to conduct an important investigation is discovering all of the available content?
  • Are you confident that their research won’t alert the subject of the investigation; allowing them change their account’s privacy settings or remove incriminating evidence all together?
  • What happens in the event that the authenticity of your social media evidence is called into question? Will an affidavit from the company that developed your SAAS product suffice or do you risk putting a member of your firm on the witness stand?

Uncertain about the answers to any of these questions? It’s time your firm considered using a managed service provider to oversee every aspect of your social media research and preservation.

What is Your Social Media Research Solution Missing?

Even if your organization is employing a SAAS product to preserve social media evidence, your investigation solution is incomplete. Often, these subscription products ignore how intelligence is located and the cost associated with the personnel needed to manage the software.

If you are not using a trusted third party for your firm’s social media investigations, your solution is missing the following elements:

Transactional Pricing

Unlike subscription services, the transactional pricing offered by a managed service provider, such as SMI, won’t go into your firm’s monthly overhead. Instead, the cost of a social media investigation can be transparently passed on to your firm’s clients.

  • SMI offers fixed transactional pricing. Services are billed on an as needed basis and your law firm’s staff can generate coded invoices for each investigation to simplify accounting.
  • SMI’s pricing allows law firms to budget for social media investigation requirements at the onset of a case. Legal professionals know what the cost of an investigation will be before placing the order and can have the expenses authorized by a managing partner or the client. Furthermore, your firm’s clients will appreciate the transparency associated with the cost of the investigation.
  • SMI’s transactional pricing can increase your organization’s revenue. Instead of losing billable hours to silent write-downs of social media research, your staff’s time is freed for higher-value activities which increase the firm’s utilization rate.
Certified Social Media Intelligence Experts

SAAS products are only as good as the individual locating and investigating the subject’s social media presence. Rather than exhaust your staff’s time conducting social media investigations, fully-managed service providers rely on subject matter experts to pinpoint content connected to your case.

  • SMI employs social media experts to conduct our clients’ social media investigations. All of our in-house analysts are highly educated. Many are graduates of intelligence studies programs and are board-certified social media intelligence experts (CSMIE) by the McAfee Institute.
  • SMI analysts utilize industry-leading technology to conduct their research. Our proprietary search software utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows our analysts to conduct comprehensive searches of the deep web – content not indexed by standard search engines.
  • SMI can provide affidavits & expert witnesses to authenticate the collection and preservation of our clients’ social media evidence. Instead of placing one of your firm’s associates on the witness stand, our social media experts can describe the digital chain of custody and testify to the evidence’s authenticity.

Engaging a fully-managed service provider to conduct every aspect of your social media investigations not only increases your firm’s revenue, but it also ensures that the content is discovered & preserved in a manner which is defensible in court. Why would you want to continue managing this responsibility with a SAAS product whose solution is incomplete? Contact us or call (888) 299-9921 to learn why SMI is the leader in open source and social media intelligence (SOCMINT).

More Efficient Social Media Investigations

In the practice of law, every minute of billable time counts. If your associates are performing their own social media investigations, there is a high probability that your organization is losing revenue to silent write-downs. Complete the following form to learn how much revenue your firm stands to gain from using a fully-managed service provider that offers transactional pricing.

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