Social Media Investigations for Personal Injury Defense

Investigations for Personal Injury Defense

Personal injury plaintiffs often demand millions of dollars in damages, but then hide their social media profiles behind privacy settings or even scrub their data from the internet. If your law firm defends against personal injury cases but is unable to locate and preserve this social media evidence, it could cost your client thousands – if not millions of dollars in damages. It’s therefore necessary that you locate all available social media evidence, preserve their photographs, and be ready to admit them at trial.

SMI Successfully Supported a Personal Injury Defense Firm with Social Media Investigations

A regional law firm was representing an insurance company who was defending against a serious trucking accident. In that case, the plaintiff demanded millions of dollars in injuries claiming he was no longer able to travel or engage in an active lifestyle. So, as part of the law firm’s standard workflow for personal injury and bodily injury cases, they retained SMI Aware for their Research Bundle.

SMI Aware was able to locate the plaintiff’s social media information, despite the plaintiff scrubbing his profiles. With SMI’s Social Media Exports in hand, defense identified significant inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s claims. Specifically, SMI’s independent social media investigation experts were able to locate the plaintiff’s relative’s social media profiles where they found photographs of the plaintiff taking a vacation, hiking, and engaging in strenuous physical activities during a time period after the accident that he claimed he could no longer travel or live an active lifestyle.

SMI’s Data Analysts were not only able to preserve the social media evidence for use at trial, but they also helped the litigation defense demonstrate that plaintiff had scrubbed their profiles and removed valuable metadata that was relevant to their case. When defense counsel presented the plaintiff’s lawyer with SMI’s Social Media Exports, the plaintiff’s counsel abandoned their claim for million dollars in damages and dismissed the lawsuit.

Make SMI Aware’s Research Bundle Part of Your Personal Injury Defense Workflow

If your law firm defends against personal injury, bodily injury, or trucking claims, you deserve to work with the best. You deserve to work with SMI Aware. By making SMI Aware’s Research Bundle as part of your law firm standard workflow, you will uncover valuable social media evidence in each and every one of your cases and maintain the evidence in a manner that can be admitted at trial. Contact SMI Aware now to learn how they can help with your social media investigations today and save your clients thousands, if not millions of dollars, when you’re defending against bodily injury claims.

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