Social Media Investigations for Class Action Defense

Does your law firm defend class action lawsuits? If so, you must carefully conduct your social media investigations in order to exclude prospective class members that do not qualify for membership in the class, properly manage your law firm resources, and mitigate your client’s out-of-pocket costs.

Why are Social Media Investigations Necessary for Class Action Cases?

Let’s face it, conducting comprehensive online searches is necessary if you’re going to defend against a class action lawsuit. Failing to properly search potential class members online is going to result in an increased class size and increased payouts for your clients. It’s therefore absolutely necessary that your law firm conduct careful and comprehensive social media investigations of potential class members to make sure only those who qualify become part of the class.

Moreover, it can become incredibly expensive if your law firm conducts these online investigations. If your attorneys or paralegals are charging hundreds of dollars an hour to conduct these online investigations, it’s going to make it that much more expensive for your client and it’s going to take away time, energy, and effort from your attorneys and paralegals managing and defending against your class action claims.

That’s why it’s so very important to work with a social media investigation expert like SMI Aware who can conduct your social media investigations on potential class members both efficiently and effectively to help defend against your cases and keep your client’s costs down.

SMI Successfully Supported a Class Action Defense Claim through Social Media Investigations

Recently, a restaurant chain that was defending a class action lawsuit. The allegations were that the restaurant chain had classified certain employees as managers in order to not pay overtime. SMI provided litigation support to the class action defense law firm by conducting a comprehensive investigation to all of the potential class members’ LinkedIn profiles to help figure out who should actually be part of the class. As part of the investigation, SMI’s independent social media experts reviewed job titles, job descriptions, and determined whether or not these perspective class members actually worked for the restaurant chain during the relevant time period.

SMI then took that research one step further and it classified all of the perspective class members as either those that qualified for the class, those that didn’t qualify, or those few where the information couldn’t be provided. As a result of SMI’s comprehensive social media investigation, the class action defense law firm was easily able to locate which prospective class members did not belong in that class.

As a result, SMI saved the law firm a ton of time, energy, and effort in conducting those investigations. SMI also decreased the cost for the restaurant chain client in not having the law firm conduct these time-consuming searches. best of all, SMI helped save the client a ton of money in payouts by not having improper payouts to perspective class members that didn’t qualify for that class all as the result of their comprehensive social media investigation.

Allow SMI to Help Defend Your Class Action Lawsuits

If your law firm conducts class action defense, you owe it to yourself to contact SMI Aware to get help with your social media investigations. Contact us today to see how our team of social media experts can help your class action defense law firm help with social media and online investigations.