SMI Uses Recursive Search Technology

At SMI, we understand that actionable data is essential to your business and legal needs. In today’s world, valuable information can be found in social media profiles, the open web, and the deep web. However, the time you currently spend discovering this information could be better allocated to your area of expertise.

Many businesses and Law Firms do not realize the cost of conducting SOSINT research because the time is often hidden in inefficiencies of employees that should be doing something else. It is true that most trained individuals can harvest SOSINT data and make it actionable, but can they do it consistently at a cost that makes sense to your organization? SMI combines the industry’s best technology and the most experienced analysts to discover the information you need in a consistent, compliant, and complete manner, all at a predictable low-cost.

Are you finding everything there is to find in your social media and Internet searches? SMI uses recursive search technology and procedures to ensure that the correct locations are searched for the information that you seek. We are so confident in our abilities that if you are not satisfied with the results, we will search again.

SMI continues to support you long after your order – all orders are archived in our system and can be accessed at a future date. We can provide personalized service, and we will answer questions regarding any report and conduct additional searches based on feedback that you have provided.

At SMI our products and services are simply the best in the industry and we stand by them 100%. If you are ever unsatisfied, you can contact or reach out to me directly.

Chris Randall | CEO

O: 888-299-9921 x5 700 River Avenue
D: 724-934-4877 Pittsburgh, Pa 15212

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