How Your Law Firm Can Get a Competitive Advantage with Social Media and Online Investigations

Let’s say that your law firm represents a company that had their intellectual property stolen and the infringing content is going viral. It’s causing serious harm to your client, but they don’t know who the infringer is, the scope of the online infringement, and how to collect and preserve evidence for its case. The client feels helpless, and they come to your law firm for help. Learn how SMI Aware can give your law firm a competitive advantage in these situations and enable you to represent your client with confidence.

First, SMI Aware searches across social media and the internet to locate the infringer by scouring social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the deep web. SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts can locate the actual infringer and present your law firm with reliable evidence within a deep report that helps you confirm you have located the right potential defendant who is infringing upon your client’s intellectual property. 

But locating the infringer is not enough. If your client is going to prosecute this complex intellectual property case, you must make sure that you have collected and preserved the infringer’s social media evidence in a defensible and reliable manner. That’s when SMI Aware can help with their export

SMI Aware can export the infringer’s profiles in a manner that is defensible, creates a chain of custody, and will be admissible in court. SMI Aware leverages its proprietary technology to make sure that all of the metadata is collected on this infringer’s profiles so that you know when your firm introduces this profile in a deposition, motion practice, or in court, it’s going to be admissible time and time again. 

But the investigation doesn’t stop there. While SMI Aware has located the infringer and preserved their social media profiles, you also need to understand the breadth and scope of the infringement. In other words, how much harm has your client experienced by this infringing content going viral all the way across the web?

That’s where SMI Aware can help with a custom project. SMI Aware can locate all the uses of this infringing content across the web so that you can demonstrate the breadth and scope of the infringement in order to protect your client’s rights in the best possible way.

As you can see, SMI Aware becomes a one-stop shop for all your social media and online investigations to give you a competitive advantage in your complex litigation cases. Whether it’s locating witnesses or potential infringer, preserving online evidence in a defensible manner, or helping you to understand the breadth and scope of the infringement, SMI Aware can ethically collect and preserve online evidence every step of the way. 

Best of all, SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts have been fully trained on all the legal ethics rules as it pertains to social media and online evidence, giving you confidence and peace of mind that your law firm will be safe time and time again. 

If your law firm needs a competitive advantage when it comes to social media and online investigations, you’ve got to contact the best in the business. Work with SMI Aware. 

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