How to Standardize Your Law Firm Social Media Investigations

Standard Law Firm Social Media Investigations

Let’s face it: every attorney and paralegal at your firm is different – but your social media investigations should be standard. As a social media attorney, I’m here today to talk to you about how you can control the process with social media investigations. You see, when everyone brings their own approach, philosophy, and outlook to each of your cases, you can achieve unique results for your clients, but it can spell disaster when it comes to social media investigations.

Failure to Standardize Your Law Firm Social Media Searches Results in Serious Risks

Having a constantly varied approach to your cases is great. When you have people looking at things from different angles, you can foresee the risks and opportunities of each matter. But if everyone brings a different method to conducting social media investigations, you can miss out on key evidence. For example, if you have a partner in your New York office who conducts social media investigations one way, and then you have another paralegal in your Kansas City office doing it differently, you’re going to collect different evidence in each case, and that’s going to produce inconsistent results for your clients.

Additionally, bringing different outlooks to your social media searches hurts your ability to control the process. Everyone has a different familiarity with social media. As a social media attorney, I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all the time. But perhaps a more senior attorney may only be familiar with LinkedIn, while a younger paralegal, or staff member, or even associate may be most familiar with Instagram. And because people have different familiarity with different platforms, it can produce different outcomes. Some of these outcomes might inadvertently violate the legal ethics rules by doing things such as creating fake profiles, communicating with a represented party, or sending a friend request to a witness that was represented by an attorney.

Finally, having your attorneys conduct social media investigations could become astronomically expensive for your clients. Imagine being a client of your law firm and getting a bill for three hours of one of your attorney’s research at $500 an hour and seeing $1,500 for a social media search. It would blow the client’s mind. Your attorneys are best suited for coming up with the right strategies to win their cases; therefore, you should put your social media investigations in the hands of the people who are suited to conduct them. And who is that? SMI Aware.


SMI Aware Can Standardize Your Law Firm Social Media Investigations

SMI Aware allows you to control the process because they do social media investigations the same way every single time. They use the same tools, the same process, and the same methods to collect social media evidence across all the platforms. Best of all, SMI conducts law firm social media investigations in a manner that establishes a chain of custody and complies with all the legal ethics rules.

Having SMI conduct your social media searches will free up your attorneys and paralegals to do what they do best, which is win your cases – while it allows SMI’s team of independent social media investigation experts to do what they do best, which is to search, collect, and produce cost effective and social media evidence for each of your cases. At the end of the day, that’s going to make your client, attorneys, and bottom line very happy.

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